White River Valley

Then and Now
1898 - 1980



General History
Margaret Reid Oxborrow
Charles Funk

Family Histories
Helen Carter Gardner
Ida Jensen Gubler

Lucille Gubler Terry
O. Merlin Terry

Karma R. Lewis

Sally O. Meservy
Mary Ann G. Hearn
Joan B. Gardner

Acknowlegements for Family Histories
Vera C Reid
Mary Sinfield
Kelly Harrison
Sara G. McKenzie
LaRue S. Carter
Dale N. Carter
Lloyd Oxborrow
Edith Reid
Albert Gubler
Florence Funk
Andrew and Violet Petersen
Neil L. Gardner, Sr.
Lois Jurey
LaPreal Thompson
Vonda W. Rogers
Della G. Scow

Publishing Company
Melayne Printing, Provo, UT

Photography Assistance
Stevenson's Photography, Provo, UT