Growth of the LDS Church -- Seminary

Sometime during the second decade a Religion class was started as a method of teaching teen age youngsters something of church doctrine. Belle Gardner was the first teacher. It was known as "the fifth wheel" and did not survive very long but was probably the forerunner of the Seminary program universal throughout the church today.

In the Lund ward the first Seminary was organized in 1961 by Bishop Anthony H. Ivins and counselors, Philip J. Carter and Robert M. Oxborrow. The first class was held on September 11, 1961, in the Relief Society room of the church with Sara G. McKenzie as teacher and the following students, Ann Carter, Nelson Carter, Connie Christopherson, Tony Bacca, Mary Ann Gardner, Neil Gardner III, Albert Gubler, Jr., Gertrude Gubler, Jack Gubler, Pamela Gubler, Marilyn Hendrix, Kay Lynn Horsley, Ronald Horsley, Jerry Millet, George Paice, David Petersen, Tom Shakespeare and Leslie Smith.

Studies of the Old Testament, the New Testament, Church History and the Book of Mormon are taught alternately over a period of four years. Sara McKenzie taught the class the first seven years. She was followed by Margaret Gubler, Lois Horsley and J. L. Whipple. Certificates and/or pins are given on the completion of each unit of study. Because the classes are held in the morning before school, there has been no conflict concerning release time from school as has been the case in many wards in the church.

In addition to the courses taught, Sara McKenzie lists these accomplishments of the Seminary program:

  • "Many special speakers were guests of Seminary throughout the years such as missionaries, special travelers, Stake leaders, members of the Bishopric, etc.
  • "Many activities were held regularly as breakfasts, evening entertainments and dances, Stake entertainments and others.
  • "Sacrament service programs were given by the students.
  • "Temple excursions to the St. George Temple were taken each year.
  • "A number of the Seminary students have gone on Missions: Thomas Shakespeare, Earl Sharp, George Paice, Roger Cazier, Ronald Horsley, Calvin Rollins, Jeanne Carter, Jennifer Smedley, Lester Ivins, James McKenzie, Jay Scow, Carol Lewis, Donald Cripps, Eric Oxborrow.

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