Sara G. McKenzie gives these highlights in the history of the Genealogy program. In August,1933, a committee was appointed consisting of Chairman, Belle F. Gardner, Assistants, Alice B.Gardner and Mellie Hutchings and Secretary Mary Sinfield. Because of her poor health, meetings were held at the home of Alice Gardner.

Later the same month, August 20, 1933, Preston invited the Lund organization to come and help them organize. George W. Fawcett gave a talk introducing the work and a committee was chosen with DeVona Gardner as Chairman, Violet Petersen and Maggie Jensen, Assistants and Neva Arnoldsen, Secretary.

In 1933 Mary Sinfield was called to serve as Stake Genealogical Secretary and she held this position for a number of years. In 1935 M. P. (Price) Hutchings, as a member of the Stake High Council, was put in charge of genealogical work for the stake.

In the years before 1960 a number of other people served on the committee in the ward, George W. Fawcett, Sabra Oxborrow, David C. Gardner, Milton Gardner, Dale Carter, Ludean Carter, Thorley Fawcett, Amanda Fawcett, Della Scow and Joseph Stucki.

One aspect of genealogy work is to arouse interest and acquaint ward members with the nature and procedures of the program. In the beginning home teaching was used as a means of accomplishing this. Some of the home teachers at this time were Sabra Peacock, Luella Whipple, Ruby Wakeling, Sara McKenzie, Lucille Harrison, Marguerite Gubler, Maude Stucki, Lloyd and Eva Oxborrow, Joan Gardner, Wilma Whipple, Janice Gubler (Willfong) and Darlene Reid.

As the program got under way weekly meetings were held and lessons were given under the class leadership of Ray and Norma Petterborg, Duane and Vesta Gardner and teaching supervisors, Lucille Harrison, Sara McKenzie and Vesta Gardner. On August 9, 1959, the first group of sixteen graduated from the course and another group of eight graduated June 26, 1960. Also during this period two carloads of workers went to Salt Lake City to do research at the Genealogical Library. Temple excursions involving both young people and adults were initiated at this time.

In 1964 Margaret P. Gubler began teaching the genealogy lessons. Her skill and background in teaching gave the precise quality needed for success in a program requiring such varied skills and multiple approaches. In the years that followed Margaret Gubler has given the course periodically to different groups with graduation upon completion.

The goal set by the church at that time (1964) was for each family to complete a four generation sheet. This required trained personnel to inspect the sheets before they were sent to the Genealogy Headquarters in Salt Lake City to become part of the vast collection of genealogical data for which the Mormon church is without peer. In 1965 Margaret Gubler and Leonora Perry were selected for this work. Later Dale N. Carter, Connie C. Gubler and Elinor S. Gardner served.

Also in 1965, a branch Genealogical Library to serve the Ely, Nevada Stake was located at the Stake House in East Ely. Vera C. Reid and Margaret Gubler were on the first Stake Library staff. Others who have served are Dale N. Carter, Helen Paice, Sara G. McKenzie and Joan B. Gardner.

In 1968 a ward Genealogy Committee was organized with Phillip Carter, Dale Carter, Margaret Gubler, Connie Gubler and Elinor Gardner as members. Some years later High Priest Leader, Merlin Terry was put in charge of the committee. The activities of the committee under his direction have been to continue promoting the work through classes, speakers at Sacrament meetings and Temple excursions all directed toward encouraging research and record keeping among the ward members.