In the church plan provision is made for the needs and development of every age group. So itis fitting that the Sunday School which encompasses all age groups should have been the firstorganization to become active, June 26, 1898, right after the first families came to the Valley. Fromthat first tentative beginning with a superintendent, Samuel Carter, and two teachers, William H. andDelle R. Ivins, a somewhat more complete organization was effected the next year, 1899, withWilliam A. Terry, Superintendent, William H. Ivins and Ras Millen, Counselors, Robert Ashby,Secretary and presumably teachers. This was done under the direction of Bishop Judd before thestake authorities came to organize the different auxiliaries.

When the stake authorities came in November 1900, W. A. Terry was retained as Superintendentand W. H. Ivins as first Counselor with Robert Chadburn replacing Ras Millen as second Counselorand Ella Baxter taking Robert Ashby's place as Secretary. In the ensuing years a number of menserved as Sunday School Superintendent, Heber C. Smith, Samuel Alonzo Gardner, Claude Fawcett,Thorley Fawcett, Hugh Reid, Benjamin Sinfield, Anthony Ivins, Gardner Scow, Milton Gardner,Clinton Scow and Vance McKenzie.

As an extension of the Sunday Sacrament meeting, the class work of the different age groups isconcerned with spiritual and religious training. The Sunday School's chief contributions to theholiday season are its special programs at Christmas, Easter and the Twentyfourth of Ju!y stressingthe spiritual meaning underlying the observance of these holidays. A float in the Twenty-fourthparade each year carries out this theme in a variety of ways.

Separation of the youngest members of the Sunday School from the main group has resulted inmore effective teaching of the three to eight year olds. This was accomplished by the organizationof the Junior Sunday School in June 1952. Elinor Gardner was the first Coordinator with GeraldineOxborrow as Assistant. Other coordinators have been, Juanita Hendrix, Joyce Ivins, Darlene Reid,Alice Hendrix and Sharon McKenzie.

 Sunday School -- LUND Ward
Date Positions and Names
26 Jun 1898

Georgetown, Preston and Lund combined
SuperintendentSamuel Carter
Teachers: William H. and Della R. Ivins

23 Apr 1899

Superintendent: William A. Terry
Assistants: William H. Ivins, Rass Millen, Robert Chadburn
Secretary: Robert Ashby, Ella Baxter


Superintendent: Heber C. Smith
Assistants: Samuel A. Gardner, George W. Fawcett
Secretary: Margaret Reid
Assistant: Emma Whitehead


SuperintendentSamuel A. Gardner
Assistant: Roderic D. McKenzie

July 1923

Superintendent: Claudius A. Fawcett
Assistants: Howard B. Gardner, Thorley T. Fawcett
Secretary: Sara Gardner

27 Nov 1933

Superintendent: Thorley T. Fawcett
Assistants: Benjamin Sinfield, Wendell Hutchings
Secretary: Sara McKenzie

30 Dec 1934

Superintendent: Hugh A. Reid
Assistants: Thorley Fawcett, Shirley Hendrix, Leland Hendrix
Secretary: Alice Gardner, Florence Gardner, Fern Gubler

31 Dec 1942

Superintendent: Benjamin Sinfield
Assistants: Thorley Fawcett, Philip Carter
Secretary: Pauline Sinfield

31 Dec 1943

Superintendent:Thorley T. Fawcett
Assistants: Carl Fawcett, Morris Oxborrow, Milton D. Gardner, Neil Gardner Jr.
Kenneth Gubler, Anthony H. Ivins, James Whipple
Secretary: Emily Gubler, Elaine Hendrix, Zelda Hendrix, Josephine Reid,
Karma Lewis, Wilma Hendrix


Superintendent: Anthony H. Ivins
Assistants: Wayne F. Gardner, James Whipple
Secretary:Margie Vance

31 Jul 1960

Superintendent: Gardner Scow
Assistants: Neil Gardner Jr., Frank L. Reid
Secretary: Carol 0. McKenzie


Superintendent: Milton D. Gardner
Assistants: Clinton J. Scow, R. Sheldon Reid
Secretary: Carol 0. McKenzie, Bonnie Peacock

17 Nov 1968

Superintendent: Clinton J. Scow
Assistants: Vance McKenzie, Neil Gardner Jr.

12 Oct 1969

Superintendent: Vance McKenzie
Assistants: Neil Gardner Jr., Wayne F. Gardner, Louise W. Bushman,Frank L. Reid, R. Sheldon Reid
Secretary: Beatrice S. Sinfield, Karma Lewis


Jr. Sunday Coordinators
Date Names
8 Jun 1952

Elinor Gardner
Assistant - Geraldine Oxborrow

Oct 1958

Juanita Hendrix

May 1959

Joyce Ivins

Jan 1960

Darlene Reid

Oct 1960

Alice Hendrix

June 1969

Darlene Reid

Dec 1975

Joy G. Hendrix

Aug 1976

Sharon McKenzie