The purpose of the Primary is to provide a training and activity program suited to the needs of children from age four to twelve. This program like the other auxiliary programs has evolved over the years from a program concerned primarily with religious instruction to activities carefully keyed to the mental, physical, motor and social development of the child at different stages and include music, dramatization, arts and crafts, group play as well as ethical and religious training. Scouting, which carries over into M.I.A. is introduced at this level with a cub scout troop under the direction of a Den Mother.

Along with the other auxiliaries it was organized in November 1900. Rhoda Burgess was the first president with Louisa Harrison and Mary E. Terry, counselors and Ethel Smith, secretary and treasurer. The second president in 1908 was Ann Elizabeth Wakeling with Clara Fawcett and Lillie B. Smith, counselors, and Ada Fawcett and La Veta Harrison, secretary and treasurer. In 1914 Bertha Smith was made president with Ella Fawcett and May Reid, counselors, and Isabel Smith, just out of Primary herself, as secretary. Other presidents have been Reta W.Hendrix, Zella H. Reid, Helen C. Gardner, Eva W. Hendrix, Ada H. Reid, Sara G. McKenzie, Joan B. Gardner, Harriet C. Ivins, Della G. Scow, Lois H. Horsley, Dawn A. Whipple, Arlene H. Mangum, Janice G. Willfong and Connie C. Gubler.

When the church burned, Primary was held first in the Grade School and later in the High School with the pre-school children organized into a Junior Primary meeting separately in the Relief Society building. The new church, completed in 1952, provided sufficient classrooms and a large recreation hall with a stage suitable for a variety of activities.

Annual activities that became traditional were participation in the holiday celebrations particularly the Fourth of July, the Twenty fourth and Christmas. In the early days the Primary always sponsored a dance for the children on the eve of a holiday with quadrilles, schottisches and polkas in addition to waltzes and two-steps.

The Primary also took part in the parade on the morning of the Fourth and Twenty-fourth and one float was sure to be a large flat-rack hay wagon drawn by horses and later by a tractor, decorated with red, white and blue bunting, with a banner proclaiming "Lund's Best Crop", for the Primary children to ride on. This was no casual affair and new clothes for the occasion had been made by the mothers. A "Fourth of July dress" and a "Christmas dress" were a must.

Children's sports sponsored by the Primary were a feature of the Fourth and Twenty-fourth celebrations. Later the Fourth of July celebration as such, was dropped because of the county wide celebration in Ely but the Primary has continued to conduct children's sports on the Twenty-fourth.

A Santa Claus party on Christmas Eve with a gift for each child was the Primary's contribution to the Christmas season. The custom began with the first organization of the Primary. At first a children's dance and program were part of the entertainment but later dancing was discontinued and the program, followed by the entrance of Santa Claus remained. In 1978, in response to a request by the Stake Presidency, the Christmas Eve Santa Claus party was discontinued and a ward dinner followed by a Primary program with a Christmas theme was substituted. The Christmas Eve party with Santa Claus was made a civic affair sponsored by the Town Council and held in the new Community center.

The policy has been to have a number of young people, especially young mothers, among the officers and teachers of the Primary. This policy has had two-fold benefits, a natural transition from the home to wider social contacts for the child and an in-service training program in child development for the mother. The opportunity the program provides brings out much hidden talent and the leadership has been outstanding. In addition to the many who have served in the ward a number have served on the Stake Board, Elinor Gardner, Sara McKenzie, Carol McKenzie, Stella Gardner.


LUND Primary
Date Positions and Names

President: Rhoda Burgess
Counselors: Louisa Harrison, Mary E. Terry
Secretary: Ethel Smith


President: Ann Elizabeth Wakeling
Counselors: Clara Fawcett, Lillie B. Smith
Secretary: Ada Fawcett, Laveta Harrison


President: Bertha Smith
Counselors: Ella Fawcett, May L. Reid
Secretary: Isabella Smith


President: Reta Hendrix
Counselors: Luella Whipple
Secretary: Lucille Gubler

Released in

President: Zella H. Reid
Counselors: Aggie B. Gubler, Leone Y. Garrett


President: Reta Hendrix
Counselors: Leonora Gardner, Helen Carter, Lillie Gardner
Secretary: Lucille Gubler


President: Helen C. Gardner
Counselors: Sara G. McKenzie, Mazie R. Ashby
Secretary: Winnie F. Carter

Fall 1934

President: Eva Hendrix
Counselors: Zella Reid, Aggie B. Gubler
Secretary: Lucille Gubler


President: Ada H. Reid
Counselors: Sabra 0. Peacock, Maude 0. Gardner
Secretary: Luella Whipple


President: Sara G. McKenzie
Counselors: Elinor Gardner, Harriet Ivins
Secretary: Marguerite Gubler, Opal Hendrix, Ruby Wakeling,
Florence Gardner, Betty Peacock

Oct. 1947

President: Joan B. Hardner
Counselors: Harriet C. Ivins, Marguerite Gubler
Secretary: Verdi Terry


President: Harriet C. Ivins
Counselors: Marguerite Gubler, Della Scow, Edith Reid
Secretary: Mary Lou Hendrix, Josephine Reid, Marguerite Gubler

3 June 1952

President: Della Scow
Counselors: Edith Reid, Marguerite Gubler, Mary Lou Hendrix, Darlene Reid
Secretary: Joan Gardner

3 Apr. 1956

President: Lois Horsley
Counselors: Amanda Fawcett, Junaita Hendrix, Colleen Schow,
Audrey Smith, Ludean Carter
Secretary: Joan Gardner

13 Aug. 1961

President: Dawn Whipple
Counselors: Ludean Carter, Joyce Ivins, Geraldine Oxborrow, Joann S. Cripps,
Norlene Adams, Janice Willfong
Secretary: Joan B. Gardner

1 Sep. 1966

President: Arlene H. Mangum
Counselors: Joan Cripps, Janice Willfong
Secretary: Joan B. Gardner, Bonnie Peacock

30 July 1969

President: Janice G. Willfong
Counselors: Jaylene Ivins, Louise P. Reid
Secretary: Bonnie Peacock, Nancy Judd, Joy Hendrix

1 Sep. 1974

President: Connie C. Gubler
Counselors: Dawn A. Whipple, Stella Carter, Joy G. Hendrix, Arlene Hendrix,
Diane Hendrix, Lorrie Paice
Secretary: Joy Hendrix

April 1980

President: Lorrie Paice
Counselors: Arlene Hendrix, Geraldine Oxborrow
Secretary: Sharon McKenzie