Buildings around the Lund Spring

This was Bishop Tom Judd's first home.  Sunday Services and School were held here.  In it's later years was known as the Fawcett home, because Grandpa and Grandma Fawcett were the last ones to use it as a home.  Now stands in this condition up by the Lund Spring.


Home near Lund Spring still standing 1977 


When the first families came to Lund, this was used as a home.  The west rooms were occupied by Grandpa and Grandma Wakeling.  The east room by George and Joe Oxborrow and Jesse Blake.  Still stands by Lund spring, 1977.

Frame early settler buildings at the Lund, NV spring



This is the milk house on the east end of the home ranch building.  At the Lund spring site.

Milk house on the east end of the home ranch building, Lund NV spring area



This is the remains of the fireplace of the Barnum bunk house.  On the original home ranch, by the Lund spring.

 Barnum bunk house close the Lund, NV spring