Isaac Benjamin Mathis, born at Fountain Green, Utah, Feb. 16, 1861. He died at Lund, Nevada, Jan. 25, 1908.

Alvira Wilson Mathis, born at Union Fort, Utah, Nov. 22, 1855. She died June 22, 1924 at Lund, Nevada.

They were married in St. George, Utah. They were married Dec. 12, 1884. There were three of us children: Mary Etta, Henry Alfred and Ida Frances. When Etta was a small child my father, mother and family moved to Ursine, Nevada (Eagle Valley). Here my brother, Henry, and myself were born. Here my sister, Etta, had a close friend, Maggy Lytle, to associate with, while my brother and I were the only little ones in the valley. Having no other children to play with, my brother and I were very close. Whatever my brother did, I was always with him, climbing trees, mountains, riding our pony, walking on stilts and playing childhood games together.

At an early age my father moved our family to Delamar, Nevada, where he worked in a mine there for about 4 years, then we moved back to the valley. In July of 1900 we moved to Lund, which was just being settled. While we lived in Lund, Father had very poor health, the results of working in the mines at Delamar. He died Jan. 25, 1908 at the age of 47. Before my father died we had adopted a baby brother. This was a happy event for my father. It was his wish that he and Mother adopt a child, but he did not live long to enjoy our baby. The baby was only three months old when Father passed away. Our baby was named Lewis B. Mathis.

As Lund was an infant town we endured many hardships. However, as time passed, we as a family became more secure.

Mary Etta was born September 19, 1885 at St. George, Utah. She married Gomer Nicholas July 6, 1907. She died Oct. 21. 1965 They had 3 daughters: Edna, Dora and LaRue

Henry Alfred was born Oct. 20, 1889 at Ursine, Nevada. He married Eva Jessen in 1932. He died May 4, 1957. They had one daughter and a son. Their daughter was Betty Jean.

Ida Frances was born Oct. 20, 1891 at Ursine, Nevada. She married James Cole Wakeling in 1910. After his death she married James W. Ashworth in 1950. Ida and James had 5 children: Doyle, Clair, Virginia, Mignon and Jimmy.

Lewis B. was born October 17, 1907. He married Beatrice Dragosavac June 4, 1928. They had one son, David Henry.

Written by:
Ida Wakeling Ashworth