James Ross Smith was born in St. George, Utah on 3 February 1892, the fourth child of Heber Charles Smith and Isabella Ross. His mother died when he was three weeks old and he was taken to the home of his grandparents Charles Smith and Sarah Price Smith. His grandmother Sarah died a month later and he was raised by his grandfather and his grandfather's second wife, Eliza Mathews Smith, until he was about five years old. His grandfather was Patriarch of the St. George Stake at the time and Ross spent many hours in the St. George Temple with his grandfather when he was doing temple work. He had a strong memory of sitting astride the oxen that held the baptismal font in the temple.

Ross, as he was known throughout his life, went to live with his father and stepmother when he was five years old and traveled with them to Lund, Nevada when he was ten years old. He left school after finishing the sixth grade and spent much of his time there after working as a cowhand at home and at some of the ranches in Sunnyside and near Pioche, Nevada.

He was married to Ada Drusilla Fawcett in Ely, Nevada, 12 December 1912, and they were then sealed in the Salt Lake Temple on 16 December 1912. Ross then worked as a farmer in Lund for three years then he and his wife with two children, Richard Ross and Mildred, moved to McGill, Nevada where he worked for two years. The family then moved back to Lund when Ross purchased a lot next door to the Wakelings and built a two room home. Here a third child named Isabella was born.

His family then left Lund to live in McGill, Ely, Kimberly, and Reno, Nevada. Ross and Ada were blessed with four more children: Keith Boyd, Donald Floyd, Gerald Kay and George William.

While in McGill Ross spent many hours of night school and learned the trade of a steam fitter and later with his sons, Dick and Boyd, installed the first heating system in Lund at the Lund Grad School.

Ross died in Reno, Nevada in 1968 at the age of 76 leaving behind him, his wife Ada, six children, twelve grandchildren and five great grandchildren.

During his years while living away from Lund he frequently returned, especially during the 24th of July celebration when he and his brother Art and the Ivins brothers made up half the Lund baseball team which was always something to watch.

Ada Drusilla Fawcett was born on 21 September 1893, the 9th child of George William Fawcett and Louisa Eliza (Eardley) Fawcett in Price, Utah. Her earlier years were spent in the St.George area under some rather dire circumstances and when her parents' farm was washed away she moved with them to Lund, Nevada in 1902.

Even though she with her family did not live in Lund more than six years after their marriage, Ada spent many summers in Lund helping to care for her aging mother.

Ada had a beautiful singing voice and was active in the church choir and sang one of the leads in the "Messiah" during the time she lived in Ely.

She was a wonderful and devoted mother to her children and this is evidenced by those children, six of whom are still living.

Ada died in Reno, Nevada on 19 February 1973 at the age of 79 years and her resting place is in Reno.

Following are the children from the marriage of James Ross Smith and Ada Drusilla Fawcett Smith and they are a credit to the work and effort put forth by their parents in raising them:

Richard Ross Smith born 28 May 1914 in Lund

Mildred Smith born 16 December 1915 in Lund

Isabella Smith born 18 September 1918 in Lund

Keith Boyd Smith born 15 November 1920 in McGill

Donald Floyd Smith born 7 October 1927 in Ely

Gerald Smithborn 28 October 1929 in Ely

George William Smith born 25 April 1936 in Ely

Of the seven children born to this union all are still living except Mildred who died in Sacramento, California on 27 September 1940 leaving one daughter named Sherrill.

Richard, known as Dick, spent quite a bit of his younger years in Lund and during these years learned the value of work. He was schooled in Lund, McGill and Ely and then worked his way through two years of college before serving a little over five years in the U.S. Army during World War II. He completed college at the University of Nevada after the war to get an Engineering degree. He was married to Mavis E. Fortney in the Oakland Temple and now resides in Seattle, Washington.

Mildred also spent many of her younger years in Lund especially the summers when school was out and enjoyed some lasting friendships there. After finishing high school in Ely, she worked a few years and then married Walter Lage, a printer with the Ely newspaper. They soon moved to Sacramento, California to make their home.

Isabella, known as Isabel, spent most of her growing years in McGill and Ely and finished her schooling in Ely. She was very active in her school years and there made many friends. Her personality was such that all that knew her loved and enjoyed her. About one year after finishing high school she was married to Arnold D. Pitts. They lived in McGill for a few years where her husband learned his trade as a finish carpenter and cabinet maker. They then moved to Reno where they now live. They have two children and three grandchildren.

Boyd, who was the only child born in McGill did not have the opportunity to live in Lund but spent his youthful year in McGill and Ely. He was very active in all forms of athletics and was given a football scholarship at the University of Nevada. He was with the county assessor's office in Ely for a few years and at this time visited Lund in this capacity where he became acquainted with those living in Lund. He later worked for the Copper Co. there for many years becoming safety engineer. He then took the job as safety engineer for the State of Nevada and now lives in Carson City. He married Lois Christopherson in 1942 and they have three children and five grandchildren. Boyd served in the U.S. Navy during World War II.

Donald, the third son of Ross and Ada was the first child to be born in Ely and it was here he spent all of his younger years until finishing his schooling. He also was very active in athletics and excelled in all sports. Shortly after graduating from high school Don went into the U.S.Army and spent his service in Korea during the Korean War. After his army service he went to the University of Nevada where he secured his degree in education. He then went to Henderson, Nevada where he entered the Clark County School System as teacher, coach and administrator. There he married Virginia McClure and they are the parents of three children. Don is now aprincipal at Chaparall High School in Las Vegas but he and Virginia still make their home inHenderson.

Gerald, known as Jerry, was born in Ely during the depression but was too young to know the difference. It seems that he has gained the knowledge though of those that did know the difference because he had learned to gain the most out of less than have the other children. He completed school in Ely and went soon afterward into the U.S. Army during the Korean War. After ward he started training with the telephone company and has advanced to the head of a department as a technical engineer. He and his wife, Elaine, have four children.

George, the last of the children of Ross and Ada Smith, was certainly not the least. His life has been most interesting from the standpoint of activity in varied fields and has known the results of hard work. He is probably the most widely known of the children and is certainly well liked by all who knows him. He also followed the educational field doing both coaching and teaching and is employed by the Reno School System. He is married to Janis Abernathy and they make their home in Verdi, Nevada.

Written and submitted by:
Richard R. Smith