We lived in St. George, Utah until I was in the eighth grade. My parents then decided to move to Lund, Nevada in the fall of 1902. I had a good school teacher and a new school building. My father not being sure about the schools in Nevada decided to leave me in St. George with my grandmother Morris to finish school.

In April of 1903, Father came to St. George to attend Stake Conference. Lund Ward belonged to the St. George Stake. When he returned home, he reluctantly consented to take me with him. We were four days getting there with a team and buggy. I was pleased with the good home. It had more rooms than the one we had in St. George.

I did not go to school until the fall session. School was then held in a log building which was used for both school and church.

The young people my age and older during summers sometimes went to the canyons and camped over night or as many as three days. But my mother would never allow me or my sisters to go.

At age 16, I began teaching the kindergarten class in Sunday School. 1 taught for two years. At the same time I worked in the store for Bishop O.H. Snow.

I loved music. Mother, Father, brothers and sisters and I often enjoyed singing together at home. In the fall, my father took me to Salt Lake to live with my mother's cousin and to take music lessons. I took vocal lessons from a professor Kent and I took piano lessons, also. In the spring, I returned home. I again taught the Sunday School class. I played the organ for church and sang in the choir.

I loved little children and they liked me. Many took me as an ideal as I was told by some mothers.

I returned to Salt Lake again in the fall to again study music. While I was there I met a Mr. Van Ransler Savage. I went out with him during the remainder of the year.

In the spring, I returned home and again worked in the store for Bishop Snow.

Later in the summer, my friend, Mr. Savage, came to Lund to see me. He asked me to marry him. We set a date for the following March.

We both desired a Temple marriage, so we decided to go to the St. George Temple where my two grandmothers were both temple workers.

When March came, Father took his covered wagon and fixed a bed in the back for my mother and baby brother. I sat up in the seat with my father and fiance. We were four days making the trip.

We were married March 11, 1909 after which my relatives gave us a nice party before were turned home.

We spent some of our married life in Utah and some in Nevada. We lived for some time on a ranch at Metropolis about 25 miles from Elko, Nevada. Two summers while we lived there the crickets came in droves and devastated the crops. Men were hired to help control or eradicate the crickets. Among other things 1 did was to cook for the men while there.

We had a large family. My husband died February 20, 1947. At the time I am writing this article, December 15, 1974, I now have 11 living children, 84 grandchildren, and 125 great grandchildren.

By now the number of descendants (five years later) has increased considerably.

Written and submitted by:
Gladys Whitehead Savage