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Chapter 120 -- William Perkins and Hannah Richardson Vance 774
Chapter 121 -- Our Gallery of Pioneers Written by Lucille Gubler Terry 716
Chapter 122 -- George Henry and Ann Elizabeth Vance Gubler Written by Lucille Gubler Terry 727
Chapter 123 -- Lillian Ashby Sinfield Written by Margaret Gubler 881
Chapter 124 -- Gordon Mackey and Vera Carter Reid Written by Helen C. Gardner 931
Chapter 125 -- Rennie Adolphus and Veda Terry Whitehead Written by Veda Whitehead Jones 758
Chapter 126 -- Ervin Lester and Margaret Reid Hendrix Written by Margaret Hendrix and Helen C. Gardner 1064
Chapter 127 -- Oliver Cromwell and Charlotte Jane Luke Peacock Written by Alta May Peacock Oxborrow 858
Chapter 128 -- William E. and Emma Whitehead Hutchings Written by William Donnell Hutchings 760
Chapter 129 -- George and Ellen Wakeling Oxborrow Written by Lloyd Oxborrow 785
Chapter 130 -- Heber Arthur Smith Written by Belva Smith Bateman 753
Chapter 131 -- Edmond A and Reta Whitehead Hendrix Written by Laura Hendrix and Helen C. Gardner 658
Chapter 132 -- William and Eva Whitehead Hendrix Written by Eva Whitehead Hendrix 839
Chapter 133 -- Niels Peter Jensen Written by Ida Jensen Gubler 1181
Chapter 134 -- Zephaniah D. and Anna Manette Simonsen Bradley Written by Ida J. Gubler 687
Chapter 135 -- George Franklin Sr. and Sarah Ann Blackham Morley Written by Ernest Floyd Morley, Marion Arnoldson, and Max George Morley 1149
Chapter 136 -- Zephaniah Richmond and Martha Jane Draper Bradley Written by Margie Bradley Beckwith 771
Chapter 137 -- William Clifton and Emma Jane Terry Bradley Written by Mary Sinfield and Eomia Prina 692
Chapter 138 -- Henry Joseph and Joephine Higham Myrup Written by Vonda Whitlock Rogers and Gerda M. Hendrickson 689
Chapter 139 -- Carson and Eliza Leavitt Bradley Written by Louise Bradley Farman 675