William Perkins and Hannah Vance came to Lund, White River Valley in 1901 with their children Elizabeth, Leonora, Minerva. Their sons Joseph, Will, and John had come previously in 1898 to acquire land and make arrangements for a place for the family to live. Their first home was a log cabin on the lot above Della Scow's home. Later they purchased the home of Amos Gardner, which had been brought in from Taylor, when he moved to the ranch south of Lund. Their oldest daughter Sarah had gone to Salt Lake to work.

Being an original Pioneer of Salt Lake City, William P. Vance who had been in the Advance Company of Brigham Young, entering Salt Lake Valley July 22, 1847 and Hannah coming in the Roselle Hyde Handcart Co. of 1863, they knew and were well accustomed to pioneering. So Lund was really just a continuation of their lives from Salt Lake to "The Muddy", then to St.George, Pine Valley, Kane Springs, now the new developing town of Lund, Nevada.

Their sons, Joe and Will, had taken over the big projects of acquiring land, improving their home as Grandfather Vance was 79 years of age and had seen his better years. Grandmother Vance being 33 years younger than he, worked hard and was always busy planting, sewing, knitting, crocheting, making rugs and quilts. She loved her plants and flowers and could always find enjoyment in keeping her home neat and clean. Joe and Will did their part developing land, freighting to Modena for produce and supplies. They were both instrumental in helping get logs for the church and other homes and buildings. Will started a dairy at the Georgetown Ranch and Grandmother spent a lot of her time there cooking and washing for the hired men. Sarah hadbeen working at the Washington Cotton Mill, then on to Salt Lake where she spent some time with her Grandmother while working.

John had spent some time driving a stage between St. George and Cedar City about 1919. He had married previously in 1912 and lived at Four Mile before returning to St. George. While there he helped build the head-house at Santa Clara, also he and Hyrum Thompson built the grandstand at St. George. John worked for Nevada Northern prior to working for Kennecott 1926-1931, when he returned to St. George and worked from 1931-1941. At this time he went to Long Beach, California where he was employed at the Naval Base. John later returned to Lund where he and Margie were living at the time of his death 10 May 1960.

In 1912, Joe had the contract to build the Hot Creek Dam. Isabelle Smith went down to stay with Grace as she was expecting their first child soon. Joe spent much of his time doing carpenter jobs, as he was really good at this type of work. He was also instrumental in the beginning of the dairy business at Ely with Keenan in East Ely and also at the Ice Plant. Most ofhis life was spent at Lund and Ely area, later he moved to Reno where he passed away 4 May1965.

Will spent most of his life in Lund. He operated the Georgetown Dairy for a number of years. He held an interest in the Collins Hotel and helped in the construction. He loved hunting, fishing and camping, was always busy making fun at parties and dances. He died 25 Nov. 1938.

Ann Elizabeth started working in homes with new babies at an early age. She worked for a year in Salt Lake City in the home of one of the bankers, Walkers. Later she returned to Lund and was married, living at Ely, Ruth, then Lund where she spent most of her life. When her husband retired, they spent six years in St. George as Ordinance Workers in the Temple. She passed away 22 Aug. 1974.

Minerva married Joseph Jackson 1911. They lived in Lund and at Sunnyside for a few years. In 1916, they moved to Beaver, Utah where he was in the dairy business for many years. They later moved to Salt Lake City where they still reside. They have spent many years as Ordinance Workers in the Temple.

Leonora died at the early age of 18, 2 May 1908.

I never had the pleasure of knowing Grandfather Vance as he died when Ia was 14 months old. My knowledge of him is gleanings of incidents handed down from his children and friends. From them I have envisioned a very patient God-fearing man. He dearly loved the Lord and the Gospel and was criticized for his devout trust in them. He was a learned man, having been a school teacher in Tennessee before coming to Salt Lake City. He had lived in the home of the Prophet Joseph Smith at Nauvoo and had loved and admired him very much. He was one of the 142 that was chosen by Orson Pratt to be in the Brigham Young Company of 1847, and entered Salt Lake Valley July 21, 1847 ahead of Brigham Young. He helped clear the land and plant the first corn in the valley. He helped clear roads and build homes. He was a strong and rugged pioneer. He was appointed Probate-Judge of Summit County in January 18, 1861. He and Grandmother Hannah were married 19 Oct. 1874 in the Endowment House in Salt Lake City. While they lived there, four children were born to them; Sarah, Joseph, William and John. He was one of the 10 chosen by Brigham Young to go to 'The Muddy' and establish a settlement in 1868. From here to St. George, Pine Valley and a ranch, 'Kane Springs', which was 8 miles from Pine Valley, where they lived in the summer. He was always known as a peace maker with the Indians and they found him to be their friend. His beautiful handwriting on scraps of paper tells me of his desire for perfection in knowledge of the Gospel. In all the old pictures of churchgatherings, he can be found among those present. His long white beard, square shoulders, blackhat, tells me at the age of 90, he was proud to be one of the followers of our Lord. Grandfather died 5 Dec. 1914 at the age of 92.

Grandmother Hannah lived 94 years and enjoyed many grandchildren, great grandchildren and great-great grandchildren. We shall always remember her as vivacious, talkative, and endearing little English lady. Her cup of green tea and tea leaves for the flowers, her lovely white hair, her clean apron daily, always giving her a spicspan appearance. She was sleeping,when like Grandfather, just silently slipped away 18 Mar. 1950.

We, like so many, waited too long to tell them how much we loved and appreciated them for the trials and hardships they had endured for us and our happiness. God bless them.

Their children and grandchildren:

Joseph married Grace Terry: Laverna, Fernith, Theron, Terry, Max, Eunice

Sarah married Roderic McKenzie: Emerald, Dorothy, Vance, John, June

William - not married

John married Margie Stratton: Harold, Evelyn, Norma, Wayne

Ann Elizabeth married George Henry Gubler: Kenneth, Lucille, Thelma, Merril, Edmund, Melvin and Elizabeth Anne


Agnes Minerva married Joseph Jackson: Garold, Elman, Bonnie, Delmar, Leland, Luanna