Gordon Mackey Reid was born at Manti, Utah on September 8, 1892, the son of Alexander Kirkwood and Elizabeth Ann Mackey Reid.

When Gordon was 8 years old, his parents moved to Lund, Nevada; being among the first early pioneers who settled Lund and the neighboring community of Preston. Early in the colonizing of Lund, his father passed away leaving a family of 4 small children. Gordon, being the oldest son, had to assume the responsibilities of a father in helping to provide for his mother and other children. He did the best he could in running a farm and helped his mother in maintaining the home. This deprived him of any schooling other than the elementary schools offered. But with good advice and much encouragement from his uncle, Robert Reid, he soon mastered his problem and was able to help the other children obtain more schooling. He was able to help his oldest sister, Jessie, obtain an education that qualified her to teach school; and hisother sister, Margaret, a term at Brigham Young University after she graduated from high schoolin Ely.

On the 10th of June, 1929, he married Vera Carter at Ely, Nevada. Later their marriage was solemnized in the Logan Temple when they had their five children sealed to them.

Vera Carter was the oldest daughter of Henry Lafayette and Alice Nelson Carter and was born in St. George, Utah the 14th of March, 1896. In 1899, she came to Lund with her parents and baby brother, Arthur.

After her father's death in 1911, it was necessary for Vera to work to support the family and at the age of 16 she went outside the home to earn money to help support them.

She worked at the Hot Creek Ranch, south of Lund, for two summers; also at the Shellenberger Ranch in Steptoe Valley. Much of her work in Lund was for people who were sick, and needed help with their housework or washing and ironing.

In 1923 Vera went to work for Consolidated Copper Mines in Kimberly.

She worked as an assistant at the Company Staff House and Hospital. In 1925 she went to work in the home of James Fozard, General Manager of the Consolidated Copper Mines. She cooked and did housework, besides caring for their small children. In 1927 she was assistant postmaster and telephone operator in Kimberly, Nevada. Then Vera decided to quit her job and moved back to Lund to be with her mother.

In 1928 she was asked to be Lund's postmaster. At that time she received 2 cent postage on each letter and 3 cents for a money order fee. The pay was so small she decided to supplement her income by starting a small store. At first she sold a few notions and dry goods, then her two brothers and mother decided to help her expand her business. They built a cement block building, then moved the store to its present site on the Carter family lot. This was the beginning of the Reid & Carter Store, which today (1979) is Carter's Store.

After Mick (Gordon) and Vera were married in 1929, Vera continued working in the store and post office until in 1931 she decided she was needed at home with her small children. At about this time Mick and his brother, Hugh, went into the chicken business. Many hands were needed in this operation, but a perfect opportunity to teach a growing family the principle of work; which they succeeded in. As a family they worked together, played together, went to Church together. This same spirit of cooperation is in evidence today in their children's families. What a great heritage they have.

The children of Gordon and Vera are as follows:

Richard Alma Reid: Born 5 March 1930 at East Ely, Nevada. Graduated from Lund High School. Received a 4 year Smith Scholarship to University of Nevada at Reno. Doctorate at Ohio State University at Columbus, Ohio. Employed at Virgin Valley High School in Mesquite, Nevada 15 years. Bishop of Bunkerville Ward for 5 years. Bishop's Counselor in Las Vegas 30th Ward 3½ years. Employed by Southern Nevada Technical Center, 1972-1979. Married LaVerne Adams Nov. 21, 1956. Parents of Richard M. (Ricky), Brad Alden, Kyle Eric, David Harley and daughters: Nancy Ann and Vera. Richard Alma Reid died in Las Vegas, November4, 1979 at age 49.

Max Gordon Reid: Born 17 May 1931 at East Ely, Nevada. Graduate of Lund High School. Entered Armed Forces after graduating from high school, serving overseas in Germany. Helped operate the family farm at Lund. Custom farming in White River Valley. Married Molly Kaye Griffin Sept. 3, 1965. Second Counselor to Bishop Gubler at present. Children: Max, Dawna,Kenna, Ann Elizabeth.

Frank Lafayette: Born 26 August 1933 at Ely, Nevada. Graduate of Lund High School. Entered Armed Forces after high school graduation. Helped his brother, Max, on the family farm. Active in Church and at present is Ward Clerk and Counselor in the Ward Sunday School. Married Louise Petersen 26 July 1961. Children: Paul, Annette, Bryon.

Hazel Reid Duval: Born 29 October 1935 at Ely, Nevada. Graduated from Lund High School. Her husband, Dale Duval, was a supervisor over road construction so their home was from Alaska on the north and Arizona on the south; and the Rocky Mountains to the east and the Pacific Ocean on the west. Church activity in all these places. They have had two sons serve on missions. Married Dale Duval 31 March 1956. Children: Gordon, Shane, Dalene and Jessie.

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Robert: Born 14 July 1940. Died 14 July 1940.

Written and submitted by:
Helen C. Gardner