Veda Terry was born July 1, 1896 to William Alanson Terry and Mary Elizabeth Baker in St. George, Utah.

Rennie Adolphus Whitehead was born August 7, 1894, son of Adolphus Rennie Whitehead and Eva Annie Morris, at St. George, Utah.

Veda, when three years old, moved with her parents and brothers and sisters to Lund, Nevada. She was the youngest of seven children. When they first moved to Lund they lived in a one room log cabin and a sheep wagon. Some years later her father built them a two room home. When Veda entered school at age six, school was held in a log school house. A stove in the middle of the room provided heat for the school.

Veda enjoyed packing a lunch with her girl friends and hiking the foot-hills east of Lund. They loved to gather the wild flowers and visit the Indians that lived along the foothills in their wickiups.

At age 14 Veda was teaching Primary and at 16 she was sustained as Secretary of the Sunday School, a position she held for 4 years.

When she was 17 Rennie Whitehead knocked at her door to ask her to go for a sleigh ride. He was the Bishop's son and she was really surprised. They went together for two years then Rennie went to B.Y.U. at Provo to school. While he was away to school they wrote letters to each other. Then about a year after he came home, he took her home from a dance one night and asked her to go steady with him; then after two years, on April 1, 1915, they traveled to Salt Lake City with Rennie's folks and were married in the Salt Lake Temple.

They lived in Lund in a two room cabin next to their parents and were very happy. On Christmas Day, 1915 their first little daughter, Veda, was born. On the 19th of April, 1917 their second daughter, Vivian, was born. Then on the 19th of July, 1919 their third daughter, Eunice, was born. They were very happy with their family of daughters.

While in Lund they had many wonderful times. Dances, parties, and Christmas time was always a happy time. The annual rabbit hunt and dance was always a special occasion. On the 24th of July they always had a parade, program, ball game, pole climbing, high jumping and all kinds of sports. They surely had some wonderful times, both young and old.

Rennie and Veda moved away from Lund in 1922 when the whole Whitehead family moved to Salt Lake City. While in Salt Lake City another daughter was born to them on the 17th of September, 1925. Her name was Reva. She was the only one of the girls to marry into one of the original pioneer families of Lund. She married Leonard Gardner, the youngest son of George and Belle Gardner.

Veda passed away a few years ago in Salt Lake City but Rennie is still living there. At the present (1978) they have 17 grandchildren and 32 great grandchildren.

Written and submitted by:
Veda Whitehead Jones

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