Ervin Lester Hendrix, son of Edmund A. and Mary Ellen Blair Hendrix, was born at St. George, Utah 13 Sep. 1891. He came to Lund in 1898 with his parents when he was 7 years ofage.

Margaret Reid was born 24 Dec. 1890 to Alexander and Elizabeth Ann Mackey Reid at Manti, Utah. The Reid Family came to Lund 2 years after the Hendrix Family. But both families experienced the same trials and hardships as did all who pioneered in those early years. Margaret (Maggie) relates an event of those times:

"It was shortly after my father's death in June of 1903 that Mother, Hugh and I went back to Manti with the Oliver Peacock Family by team and wagon. There were 10 of us in the wagon: Mr. and Mrs. Peacock, Merlin, Lenor, Lila, Carlyle, Eugene, my mother, Hugh and I. The first night we camped at Cummins Lake, near Ely. Mother, Hugh and I slept on the ground by the wagon tongue. Mr. Peacock and Merlin slept in another place on the ground. The rest of them made their beds in the wagon. Just after we went to bed, it started to rain and it poured down; so we all had to sit up in the wagon the rest of the night. The next day was nice but we had to stop early to dry out our bedding so we would have a dry bed to sleep in.

"On the 8th day we arrived in Manti at about 10:00 p.m., tired but happy. While in Manti that trip, Mother had all her teeth pulled. They couldn't give her anything to kill the pain so they got her drunk. That night I went to my first moving picture show with my cousin, Veda Reid, and it cost us 10 cents each."

Ervin and Maggie attended the first schools held in Lund. Then Margaret went to high school at Provo, Utah one year, then she attended high school in Ely, Nevada, where she graduated with the first graduating class from White Pine High School. There were 9 graduates that year and two of them were from Lund, LaVeta Harrison and Margaret Reid.

In the following years, Ervin became quite independent himself and assumed much responsibility of the home and farm. In addition he worked at other jobs when he could. At age 15 he went to work at Hot Creek for the Adams & McGill Company. He worked under a Mr.Hickman who was foreman on the job. Later he worked for the same company when Charlie Stevens was foreman.

Maggie and Ervin were married in the Salt Lake Temple on Dec. 20, 1916. Their wedding reception was held on Jan. 18, 1917 after they returned from a honeymoon in California.

In 1917, Edmund A. with 4 of his sons: Ervin, Gideon, Lorain and Leland, bought the Lewis Ranch at Sunnyside. Ervin and Maggie moved there a short time after their marriage, where they lived for almost 30 years, with the exception of a year and a half spent in Ely running a business called the "Hendrix Quality Market".

In 1947 Ervin retired from the ranch and moved to Lund. Carl Madsen of Preston had moved away so Ervin bought his home and had it moved to Lund and put it on the lot where the old O'Donnell home used to be. Shortly after they moved to Lund, Ervin was set apart as Bishop of the Lund Ward. He served for 13 years in this calling, from 1947 to 1960. Then he and Maggie were set apart as Temple Ordinance Workers in the St. George Temple. They bought them a home in St. George where they could be close to the Temple. They also kept their home in Lund where they enjoyed one of their favorite hobbies, gardening.

Few people possess such a zest for life as Ervin and Maggie. Since Ervin's death in September of 1970, Maggie continues to be active in her home and Church, as she has always done. Her son, Vernon, helps her and their garden and flowers are as always, among the best in Lund.

After Ervin became Bishop he said that the Lord must have spared his life for this special calling as he had several accidents throughout his life, of which any one of them could have been fatal.

When just a small boy, he and his father were returning to Lund from a trip to St. George. They were camped at St. George when a horse kicked him and broke his arm. They had to take him on a train from Modena to Milford to have a doctor set his arm. They waited for hours on this doctor then later his arm had to be reset without an anesthetic.

At about age 19, the horses he was driving on a hay wagon, ran away. He fell through the hay wagon, injuring his back and almost scalping him. Then in 1929, while on his ranch at Sunnyside, he was struck by lightning and was unable to work for 6 weeks. But he recovered, except for being left deaf in one ear.

Ervin and Maggie had a fine family of 4 sons and 2 daughters they raised to manhood and womanhood. They knew the joys in rearing a family and also the sorrows, having lost four, 3 as infants and a boy, Jess, when he was 13. Since Ervin's death, another son, Clay, died following heart surgery Feb. 25, 1976.

Their oldest son, Finley, was born 10 April 1919 at Lund. He married Jaunita McCleod Jan.21, 1943. They were the parents of 5 children: LaRose, Danny, Cathie, Vicki and Margaret.

Edmund Allen, their second child, was born 21 Dec. 1921 at Lund. He married Annie Frances Lower and were the parents of Linda, Judith, Paul, Janis and Diane.

Ervin Clay was born 11 April 1923 at Lund. He married Alice Egbert 16 June 1944. Their children were Marilyn, Arlyn and Chad.

Alex Vernon was born 31 Dec. 1927 at Ely. At present, he is living with his mother in Lund.

Darlene was born 15 May 1929 at East Ely. Feb 2, 1951 she was married to Robert Sheldon Reid. Their children are: Dennis, Jess, Lester, Timothy and Shelly.

Wilma was born 21 May 1932 at Ely. She and Kenneth Dean Whipple were married 18 Sep.1950. Children: Debbie, Valarie, Jill and Kevin.

Written and submitted by:
Margaret Hendrix and Helen C. Gardner

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