Daniel Peacock was our great-grandfather. He was born in England. He had eight (8) children, one of which was our grandfather, George Peacock. George Peacock was born in Hutton, England on July 30, 1822.

Daniel Peacock left England in 1830, taking his family with him. They sailed to Quebec in upper Canada and settled near Marcum Village, Canada. He died in 1831.

In 1837, our grandfather, George Peacock, left Canada, taking his mother and her family with him. He worked many places, slowly moving to Missouri. He was a military body guard for Joseph and Hyrum Smith. He left Nauvoo in 1846 and arrived in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1850.

He married our grandmother, Sarah Bell, in Manti, Utah on December 1, 1856. They had ten (10) children, one of which was our father, Oliver Cromwell Peacock. He was born in Manti, Utah on March 14, 1867.

Our mother, Charlotte Jane Luke, was born in Manti, Utah on March 3, 1869. Great-grandfather, William Luke, was born in England. Our grandfather, also named William Luke, was born in England. Our grandmother, Mary Haydock Luke, was born in England also.

Our father and mother were married in Manti, Utah on January 2, 1887. They lived in Manti for several years after they were married.

For two (2) different years our father came to Nevada to work in the mines, leaving his family in Manti, Utah. One year he worked around the Ely area and one year in Hamilton, Nevada.

Later the L.D.S. Church asked for volunteers to settle in Nevada in the Lund, Nevada area. A group of people consisting of Alex Reid, Robert Reid, Edward Daniel Funk, Ezra Funk, and Oliver C. Peacock signed with the Church to settle in Lund, Nevada. This group was not the first group to settle in Lund, but they were among the early settlers.

Alex Reid and Robert Reid left their families in Manti, but the rest brought their families with them. They arrived in the Lund area in April of 1899. Ezra Funk's wife and our father were brother and sister.

The Peacocks, at this time, had five (5) children: Merlin, Lenor, Lilas, Carlyle and Eugene, who was just 2 years old. After the Peacocks were settled in Lund, three (3) more children were born to them: Melroy, who was stillborn, Clifford and Alta May. One child born in Manti was also stillborn, making a total of nine (9) children alltogether.

The Peacocks and the Reids settled in the North end of Lund and the Funks settled in Preston, Nevada.

In the early days, our father was a freightor. Most of the time he used two wagons and six or eight horses. He freighted hay, grain, potatoes, vegetables, etc. to Ely, Hamilton, Modena, Utah(to the railroad), Spring Valley Ranches, Delta and Manti, Utah. As the boys grew up, they all had a turn doing the freighting. Our father was killed in a freighting accident on November 19,1919.

Merlin was born on May 30, 1889. He was called for Army duty for the Ist World War on October 5, 1917. He was in Headquarters Company, 161st Infantry, American Expd. Force. He was among the first companies to go to France. He helped build the barricks for the soldiers. He was in France for eight months. He was gassed during gas-training and was sent home an invalid to a hospital in Des Moines, Iowa. He passed away on February 9, 1919 while still in the service. He was never married.

Our mother lost her oldest son and her husband just nine and one half (9½) months a part. After this she did some Temple work in the Salt Lake Temple. She was married and sealed to our father. This endowment took place on August 25, 1920. She became ill with Dropsy, a heart disease, and passed away on July 3, 1922.

After our mother's death, the three (3) brothers formed a partnership known as Peacock Brothers. They combined their properties for farming, ranching, range rights and range cattle and a dairy farm. This lasted until Carlyle's death.

Mary Lenor was born on November 11, 1890. She married Wilford A. Terry on June 29,1909. They had three (3) children, De Lile Terry, Leah Terry and a stillborn baby. They had eleven (11) grandchildren, thirty-one (31) great grandchildren and three (3) great great grandchildren. Lenore passed away on June 18, 1946. Wilford passed away on September 26,1957.

Lilas Bell was born on January 30, 1892. She died from blood poisoning on August 19, 1907. She was just fifteen (15) years old.

Carlyle was born on November 17, 1895. He married Vina Jensen on January 30, 1929. Their marriage only lasted a short time. Vina passed away on October 25, 1929. Carlyle passed away on October 16, 1957.

Eugene was born May 24, 1898. He married Sabra Oxborrow on August 25, 1920. They had six (6) children: Duane, Joseph, Betty Jean, Loanna, Douglas and Sandra. Gene and Sabra had nineteen (19) grandchildren and twelve (12) great grandchildren. Gene and Sabra were married in the St. George Temple on May 5, 1965. Sabra passed away on June 22, 1976. Eugene passed away on November 16, 1977. Duane passed away on November 16, 1973.

Clifford was born on November 11, 1906. He married Lucy Jensen on June 14, 1930. They had seven (7) children: Jensen, Dena, Scharlotte, Vione, Oliver, Linda and Imogene, who died at age three months. Clifford and Lucy had twenty-six (26) grandchildren and three (3) greatgrandchildren. Clifford and Lucy were married in the St. George, Utah Temple on December 22, 1965. Clifford passed away on December 26, 1973. Lucy lives sometimes in Lund and sometimes in Tooele, Utah. Jensen died on April 17, 1964.

Alta May was born on December 14, 1912 and she married Frank Oxborrow on April 3, 1930. They had four (4) children: Elmo, Frank Jr., Sharon and Jan Marie. Alta and Frank have nine (9) grandchildren and one (1) great grandson.

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Written and submitted by:
Alta May Peacock Oxborrow