Will Hutchings came to Lund about 1908. He went to work for his half-brother, Bob O'Donnell, hauling and cutting cord wood for the Kimberly Mines.

He met Emma Whitehead and they were married in the St. George Temple on September 8, 1910. A. R. Whitehead, Emma's father, gave them a house and acre lot (where Lynn and Lois Horsley now live). After they were married, they went to St. Thomas to help half-brother, Jess O'Donnell, who had a contract hauling ore to Moapa to the railroad. This didn't last long so Will and Emma went to Beaver so he could further his education at the Murdock Academy. He returned to Lund and leased the Williams Ranch on Ellison Creek (now the Gardner Ranch). After spending a year or so there, he moved to Ely where he worked at the ice plant, delivering ice.

From there he moved to McGill and worked for Gus Assuras in the grocery store. This was in 1917. After a year or so he returned to Lund. He settled his family in the home in Lund and he went to work at the Whipple Ranch for John Whipple. About 1921, Will and Emma moved to Kimberly, Nevada where he worked as a driller. In 1923, he returned to Lund again and went back to work at Whipple's. After several years working there, he returned to Lund and leased Heber Smith's farm. He also contracted for cutting and hauling wood for the Lund Grade School. During this time he was sheriff of Lund and served in the Church as YMMIA Superintendent.

In 1930, he got a mail contract from Lund to Sharp, Nevada. In 1931, he leased the Hot Creek Ranch. They lived there during the summer and Emma and the children lived in Lund during the school year. They bought and made the Moon River Ranch and then left the Hot Creek Ranch. Later they bought the Forest Home Ranch. In 1949, they sold the Forest Home and Moon River Ranches and in 1952 moved to Burbank, California where Will worked for Phil Rauch for two years. They then retired and moved to Reno. They had a small home on Eva's property there (their daughter). Will Hutchings died there on March 20th at age 70.

Emma continued to live in Reno with Eva for some time, spending short periods of time with her other children. She died June 2, 1975 in a rest home in Las Vegas at the age of 85.

There were nine children born to this union: William Donnell, Price Edward, Wendell and Warren (twins), Eva, Roy, Cecil, Bob, and Irene.

Written and submitted by:
William Donnell Hutchings