On October 6, 1861, at a General Conference in Salt Lake City, President Brigham Young called 300 families to settle the Dixie Mission (St. George area).

Grandfather Joseph Oxborrow and his first wife Jennett were among this first group called to settle in Utah's Dixie.

On the 3 May 1864 another family, which included Mary Ann Miles Leicht and her step-daughter, Mary Leicht, left England for the United States. The voyage of five weeks and four days seemed almost endless to 11 year old Mary. After their arrival in America they were faced with the most difficult part of their journey, the trek across the plains where Mary walked all the way, along with many of her age and older, with an ox team company, of which the Thomas Judd family were members.

The Leicht family remained only briefly in Salt Lake City before heading south for St.George.

Erastus Snow, who was the leader of the Dixie Cotton Mission, suggested to Mary Leicht that she accept the principle of plural marriage and accept the offer of Joseph Oxborrow to be his second wife. She agreed and Joseph Oxborrow and Mary Leicht were married in the endowment house in Salt Lake City, June 21, 1870. Mary was 17 years of age and Joseph age 52, but in spite of the age difference Mary accepted with great faith this principle and to this marriage, my father,George Oxborrow and his twin brother Ephraim, the third and fourth of 11 children, were born January 16, 1876.

My grandfather, Joseph, died 16 June 1895. In February 1899 Grandmother Mary Leicht Oxborrow was called to go to Lund, Nevada to help colonize. She, accompanied by five of her sons and two daughters, moved to White River Valley in Eastern Nevada.

Ellen Wakeling was born January 8, 1878 in Stanwick, North Hampton, England to Allenand Ann Elizabeth Clark Wakeling. When Ellen was six months old they set sail from England for America with two older sisters, Amy Maud and Lillian, where the family could be with the Saints in Salt Lake City. After a while they moved to Arizona where they lived for a short time then to St. George where they lived until my mother Ellen was 21 years of age, then moved to Lund to help colonize in 1898.

Ellen worked in different places while living in Lund; one of them was as postmistress at Currant Creek, Nevada.

On the 8th of January 1901 Ellen married George Oxborrow in Lund, Nevada. A month later on February 14, 1901 they went to St. George where their marriage was solemnized in the St. George Temple. To this union were born five sons and four daughters: George Allen, Seymour, Lloyd, Loland, Walter, Elizabeth, Maude, Roberta and Ursula. All children are living to this date, 28 December 1979.

George and Ellen lived most of their married life in Lund, Nevada where Dad farmed and had many other odd jobs. In about 1910 Dad and two of his brothers, Ted and Ephraim, leased a ranch at Currant, Nevada where we lived three years then moved back to Lund.

Dad bought the lots and house where the community center now stands. After Walter was born Dad and Arthur Smith traded houses and lots. Dad built the cement house that Dick Gunderson is living in at the present time (1979).

Dad had two accidents when he was a young man. He was kicked in the face by a horse, broke his jaw bone and knocked out some of his teeth. Not long after that he was greasing his wagon and the axle slipped off the jack and it fell on his instep, breaking all the bones. He had seven operations to remove pieces of bone. He was still able to walk but had a limp all his life.

In the winter of 1906 and 1907 he was hauling wood at Lane City for the mill that was in operation. He got pneumonia and his brother-in-law Earl Ashworth and brother Ted brought him to Lund in his wagon. He was in bed all winter. While he was recuperating he went out to drive some horses out of the lot. This was too much for him. He had a relapse and went back to bed with double pneumonia. For five days he was unconscious. His mother, Grandmother Oxborrow, helped care for him until he was well.

The next winter, 1907-1908, he and his family went to Hurricane, Utah and lived with our mother's brother, Tom Wakeling and family.

In the winter of 1932 and 1933 Dad and his two youngest sons, Loland and Walter, were hauling wood at Tonopah. The city of Tonopah was tearing down an old church. There was a bell in the building that the contractor didn't know what to do with. Dad suggested he sell it to him for $15 and Dad brought it home and gave it to the Lund Ward. It was installed in the steeple of the old church where it was used for many years to summon all to Sunday School, Primary, Mutual and Sacrament Meeting.

After the church burned in 1948 it was buried in the town swimming pool. When the Daughters of Utah Pioneers built a memorial to the early settlers of the valley it was recovered from its burial place and is now a part of the memorial on the southeast corner of the church lot.

Dad was not active in the Church but he supported the cause financially and with work. He was active in civic projects and he and his brothers were always glad to help with the entertainment in the town by providing dance music for the dances and band music for the parades.

Dad could always find work to supplement the needed finances. He owned shares in the company's threshing machine, the flour mill, and was in partnership with his brothers in such projects as mail driving, building dams, chopping posts for fences, and worked for the Adams and McGill Company.

In 1934 Dad and Rod (Mac) McKenzie took a contract from the Ely Gold Mining Company, hauling dumps from Taylor, Ward and Lane City. In 1936 they dissolved the partnership. Dad continued hauling dumps at Cherry Creek.

Mother was always active in church work and helping care for the sick, quilting and furnishing goodies for entertainments and in caring for her family. She had a beautiful singing voice, as did her sister Lillian Ashby and the two of them sang many duets together. Mother sang soprano and Aunt Lil alto.

In the summertime Mother and Dad would sit on the front porch of our home in Lund. He would play his guitar and he and Mother would sing many of the old songs and hymns they sang when they lived in St. George years ago. Our family loved to gather around the player piano and sing songs.

In 1936 Dad sold the home and farm that he owned in Lund to Loren 0' Donnell. In 1937 Dad and Mother moved to St. George, Utah where they bought a home, store and motel where they lived until 1945. They then sold their property there and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada where they bought a home and some cabins. After a very damaging fire he sold the cabins and kept the home, where they lived until they both passed away.

The children of George and Ellen are as follows:

George Allen Oxborrow, born 20 June 1902 at Lund, Nevada. Married Vivian Whipple, 31 May 1927. They have two sons: Elwood Allen and Ronald.

Seymour Brigham Oxborrow, born 14 August 1904 at Lund, Nevada. Married MabelGubler, 27 July 1927 at Reno, Nevada. Their children are: Clyde B., Wallace S., Joan, Shanna Ione and Kathleen.

Lloyd Oxborrow, born 17 October 1906 at Lund, Nevada. Married Eva Margery Petersen, 16 May 1935 at Ely, Nevada. (Children: Lynn Martin Critchlow and Lloyd Nolan Oxborrow) Married Twila Rebecca Howell, 26 August 1977 at Salt Lake City, Utah.

Loland Wesley Oxborrow, born 24 February 1909 at Lund, Nevada. Married DeLone Christensen, 16 November 1938 at Washington, Utah. (Children: Roland and Wesley Oxborrow)

Walter Ray Oxborrow, born 10 March 1912 at Lund, Nevada. Married Helen Agnes Folsom, 24 September 1936 at Ely, Nevada. (Children: Raymond, James Dee, and Randall)

Elizabeth Oxborrow, born 30 July 1914 at Lund, Nevada. Married Jack Munson, 8 November 1935. (Children: Anita Louise, Leland Jack, and Lawrence Willard)

Amy Maude Oxborrow, born 4 December 1916 at Lund, Nevada. Married Howard Udell Gardner. (Children: Samuel George (stillborn), Gerald Dell, Roger Alan, Michael Leroy, Roselyn)

Roberta Eileen, born 4 September 1919 at Lund, Nevada. Married Benjamin Small, 16 July 1960 at Ely, Nevada. (Children: Nathan Bryan)

Ursula, born 31 May 1923 at Lund, Nevada. Married Henry Ramsey, 18 September 1940. (Children: Jerry and Judy)

Written and submitted by:
Lloyd Oxborrow