Edmond A. Hendrix Jr. was the third child born to Edmond A. Hendrix and Mary Priscilla Blair. He was born 22 December 1882 at St. George, Utah. When Ed was 16 years of age he moved to White River Valley in Nevada when his father moved there as one of the first colonizers of that area.

Ed married Reta Whitehead, daughter of Adolphus R. and Eva Annie Morris, 3 April 1913.

Ed and Reta were the parents of 5 children: Shirley, Blanche, Norman, Mary and Hazen.

When Reta's parents moved to Salt Lake City in 1922, Bishop White sold his farm to his two sons-in-law, Will and Ed Hendrix and their brother, Orvil Hendrix.

This farm, now owned by Harold and Harriet Ivins, was a very productive one, and even today (1980) the fruit trees planted by the Hendrix brothers, are growing along the banks of the ditch in the south part of town.

Ed and Reta's interests were not only in gardening but they also loved the Gospel and dedicated their lives in service to the Church and community. Ed served as a counselor in the Bishopric and in the auxiliary organizations. Reta was President of the Primary Association and was a faithful teacher in every auxiliary organization of the Lund Ward.

We, who had the privilege of being members of Reta's Sunday School and Mutual classes, will always remember and appreciate her love and dedication as a teacher and leader of youth. She was truly one who went the second mile. We girls were always welcome in Ed's and Reta's home and have many happy memories of our teen years when we were in Reta's and Eva'shomes.

Ed had a store and post office in Lund for many years, situated on the upper street, just south of the flour mill.

In the latter part of the 1920's Ed and Reta moved to Salt Lake City. There Ed was engaged in an occupation, candy-making. This gave him an opportunity to experience another of his many interests and talents.

They also spent some of their retirement years working in the St. George Temple, until poor health would not permit him to continue with this work.

They bought a home and lot near Rupert, Idaho where Reta was able to garden and store the food she grew in this large garden.

Ed died at Rupert, 16 September 1968. Reta is living at Rupert and has most of her children living close by.

Compiled and Submitted by:
Laura Hendrix and Helen Gardner