William Hendrix, son of Edmund Allen Hendrix and Priscilla Blair, was born September 18,1894 in Price City, Utah, Washington County. Eva Whitehead Hendrix was born in Panaca, Nevada, daughter of Adolphus Rennie Whitehead and Eva Anna Morris on July 27, 1896.

We both spent our young days in Lund, Nevada where we both went to school. When I graduated from 8th grade I went to St. George to high school in the fall of 1913 and spring of 1914. The next year 1 went to Ely to high school. I don't know just how long Will went to school. He said he was 14 years old when he left home and got work on the Geyser Ranch where he worked for 7 months. Then he went to the Cleveland Ranch where his brother Laurin was working and got a job as a cowboy. We were married June 21, 1917 and lived on the Hendrix Ranch nearly 6 years. We had three children: Bud W., Keith W., and Lois. We moved to Lund when my father sold his place to Ed, Will and Orvil.

We lived in the old home until 1936. In that time, four more children were born to us: Priscilla was born January 4, 1923; Opal was born February 9, 1925; 0. McKay was born October 30, 1926 and died December 21, 1926; Anna was born October 19, 1927.

While living in Lund I was Beehive teacher, Sunday School teacher, Secretary of Relief Society, President of Primary and Secretary of Young Ladies Mutual. I always loved the Church.

Will farmed and we had some sheep. Then we had the misfortune to lose the property. We moved to Ely in the fall of 1936. It was a great sorrow to me to leave Lund and all my friends. We can stand anything when we have the Lord to back us up, and he is always there when we need him.

The Church was a great help to me. Bud got married to LaRue Nicholas. Keith joined the Navy. Lois married Lynn Horsley. Priscilla graduated from high scnool and went to California to work.

I worked on the W.P.A. with Sister Lillian Ashby. We had many funny experiences. I worked at the Northern Hotel mending sheets and making pillow cases from sheets that were worn in places. I worked 9 months for Mr. and Mrs. Ted Brown day and night. Our three younger girls kept house and took care of the house. I worked several years at the Plaza Hotel doing maid work and at the desk.

At this time Will was working for different men. He worked for the Hall Brothers for sometime. Opal married Neil Larsen and that left Anna home. When the Second World War was over Priscilla was working in Salt Lake. When Anna graduated she went to Salt Lake to work with Priscilla.

The next fall we went to Spring Valley and fed cattle for Mr. Eldridge. We came back to Ely in the spring and bought a house on Fay Avenue from Brother Larsen.

We went up to Montana the fall of 1950 and worked for Mr. John Edwards. We lived in Montana 6 years and had some good times and bad times. Will had sheep and we would take them down on the Yellowstone River to winter them. The little Samatra Branch of the Church of Jesus Christ was held at Samatra. All our meetings were held in the school house until the branch was able to build a chapel in Melstone. The families all lived on ranches. The President of the Relief Society and I were the only Relief Society visting teachers. It took us all day to visit the families in the branch.

One month it was dark and we had one more family to visit. The house was quite a distance from the fence. We were about halfway to the house when we had a flat tire. She had a spare and a flashlight. Just as we were picking up the jack and tire, here came the owner. He thought we were cattle rustlers and he was going to catch us in the act. When he saw who we were, we all had a good laugh.

In the spring of 1956, Will was with the sheep on the summer range when his horse threw him off and it broke his collarbone. The herder took him to Jordan Hospital and called me. Keith, his wife Dorothy, and myself went up to Jordan to see him. When he was able to be released we brought him to Sumatra. He turned the sheep over to my nephew (by marriage). We owed the bank, but the lamb crop and wool would more than pay for it. We decided to comeback to Ely to live.

We lived with Bud and LaRue that winter. We rented a house on Ogden Avenue and lived there a year. Will bought a lot on Felfort Avenue just behind Bud's home. We had a house moved on it and have lived there ever since.

While living in Montana, Will was First Assistant to the Superintendent of the Sunday School. I taught a Primary class. While living in Ely First Ward, I taught in Sunday School, the genealogical class, counselor to three Presidents of the Relief Society and was President of the Relief Society. I have been a Relief Society Visiting Teacher for 42 years. I was also Spiritual Living Leader in the Stake for a short time.

Written and submitted by:
Eva Whitehead Hendrix