Zephaniah D. Bradley came to Preston with the first group of men who came to get started in the new settlement and prepare for their families to come later. He was the oldest son of Zephaniah Richmond and Martha Jane Draper Bradley. He married Anna Manette (Nettie) Simonsen who was the daughter of Jens and Sine Jessen Simonsen, born 31 December 1875 in Moroni, Utah. They were a very prominent couple in the little settlement.

In the early days Zeph was active in the Church. Nettie was always busy in the Church and civic activities. She worked in the Relief Society and was president for many years.

Like everyone else they built a log house which was their home for many years. At first Zeph worked with his father and brother Bill putting up hay on the church farm which they leased. Later they had their own farm and an exceptionally good orchard. In the early summer the cherries were always sought after, especially by the children of the town who were allowed to climb the trees and reach the choicest ones. Later in the summer the summer apples were ripe and were enjoyed by all. In the fall there were trees laden with the red and yellow fruit waiting to be picked before the frost.

Nettie was a school teacher before coming to Preston. She served on the school board for some years. Nettie did very nice handwork, especially her lovely crocheting. This was done in her few spare moments.

Zeph was a constant companion to his four sons. They worked and played together through the years. Nettie was an excellent mother.

The boys all spent their early years in Preston enjoying the association of the other youngsters of the town. Delile, being the oldest, went away to work on ranches nearby. He returned and married Lois Cheel, the daughter of the school teacher, Chester W. Cheel. They had several children. Delile is presently living in Las Vegas, Nevada (1980).

Randall also spent some time working away from home. Later he married Maida Bernsen. They made their home permanently in Preston. Their family consisted of a girl and a boy, Peggy and Elmo. Maida passed away in 1967 and Randall passed away in 1978.

Lorin married Erma Jensen. They made their home in Ruth, Nevada where Lorin was employed by the Kennecott Copper Company. He passed away in 1974.

Milton married and lived in Ely. He was employed by the Kennecott Copper Company. Milton passed away in 1976.

Written and submitted by:
Ida J. Gubler