In early days Henry Joseph Myrup, with his wife Josephine Higham and children, came from Gunnison, Utah and bought a home and settled in Preston.

They were active in the Church. He was a counselor in Mutual and she worked in Sunday School and Primary. She and her children sang in the choir.

Henry farmed and worked for various people and places: Owen Cazier on White River, William Goodman at Douglas, Niels Jensen and Christian Hermansen, Jr. in Preston.

The children went to school in Preston and while they were living there, Oneida, the oldest daughter, met Glenn Hall who was a brotherin-law to William Goodman. They were married and also lived in Preston.

Gerda, the second daughter, tells that they surely enjoyed Preston and the people and activities in it. The Myrups had a small house but she says there were three houses in town they could always go to to be made welcome and have a party. These three homes were the ones of Hyrum and Marilda Whitlock, Herbert and Stella Allred, and Albert and Tena Gee. Here they had chicken suppers, candy pulls, homemade ice cream and other forms of eats and games.

Gerda married Arnold Hendrickson, Laura married Walter Harris, Josephine married Robert Williamson, Bernice married Dee Crow, and Alan, the only son, did not marry.

The family later moved to McGill where Gerda and her son and grandchildren lived. Oneidah as passed away as has Allen. Laura and hubby also live in McGill. Berniece is a widow as well as Gerda is and lives in Battle Mountain. Josephine now lives in Provo with her hubby.

All the girls had children and grandchildren. The family enjoyed their time spent in Preston.

Written by:
Vonda W. Rogers

Submitted by:
Gerda M. Hendrickson