Clarence S. and Lydia Petersen Munson lived in Preston and in Railroad Valley at various times. Clarence was the son of James and Eliza Allred Munson. He was born January 25, 1879 in Spring City, Utah. Lydia Petersen was the daughter of Andres (Andrew) and Ane (Anna M.) Petersen. She was born in Moroni, Utah May 9, 1880. Lydia had come to Preston with her parents when they came from Georgetown. Clarence was married to Lydia's sister, Mary. When Mary passed away Clarence and his two young daughters, Zelma and Ann, came to live with the Petersens. Later Clarence married Lydia who was the youngest daughter of Andrew and Anna Petersen. Lydia was an exceptionally good mother for her sister's two girls.

Clarence helped Lydia's father with his farm in Preston. At some time the farm in Preston was sold and Clarence bought a ranch in Railroad Valley. They all lived there at different times.

Besides the two little girls, Lydia and Clarence had four children. They were all born in different houses in Preston. The children are: Nevin, who married Georgia Hughes; Jack, who married Beth Oxborrow of Lund, Nevada; Glen, who married Nellie Thomas; and Margery, who married Donald Tate. Zelma, Clarence's oldest girl, married Guy Tidball and after his death she married Hazen Exeter. Ann married Andrew Robb.

Clarence and Lydia cared for her parents in their declining years. Her father, Andrew Petersen, passed away at their Railroad Valley home and was brought to Preston for burial. Her mother, Anna M. Petersen, is also buried in Preston.

Clarence and Lydia are both buried in the Ely Cemetery. He passed away several years before she did and for many years she lived alone in her little house in Central Ely. On her eightieth birthday, her many friends called at her son Nevin's home in Ely where her children, Zelma, Nevin, Jack, Glen and Margery hosted a lovely party for her.

Written and submitted by:
Nevin Munson