Peter Lauritzen, son of Peter Lauritzen and Caroline Christina Jensen Lauritzen, was born in Moroni, Utah on March 13, 1875. He was the second child and first son. He had four sisters and five brothers. His parents were born in the Church and reared their children in the principles of the Gospel.

The father had rheumatism so Peter was taken out of school to plant crops and help on the farm. He had no schooling beyond the seventh grade. His father went on a mission when Peter was 12-13 years of age and he never got back in school. When his father returned he was called as a worker in the Manti Temple. On October 1, 1890 his father was hurt by a bull and died of his injuries on the third of the same month. That left Peter sole help of the farm and to help his mother raise the family.

In 1900 he and his brother Orson moved to Preston, White Pine County, Nevada looking for work.

Mary Loanna Terry was born in St. George, Utah on the second of April 1880. She was the oldest child of William Alanson and Mary Elizabeth Baker Terry. She had three brothers and three sisters. All the Terry children were members of the L.D.S. Church and received all ordinances of the Church.

As a young woman she pioneered to Lund, Nevada with her family where some of the families had been asked by the Church leaders to go.

Peter and Mary met at a dance in Lund at the Bradley home. At that time Peter drove a peddler's wagon with fruit and farm products to Ely, Currant Creek, Lund and Preston. This was a week's trip among the mines and farming communities. In 1901, after a short romance, dancing and going places in the back of the wagon, Peter hooked his team and with her mother, her sister Veda, and his bride-to-be, drove to Moroni then to the Manti Temple. On May 22, 1901, Peter Lauritzen and Mary Loanna Terry were married in the Manti Temple by John D. T. McCallister. The couple visited a while and then went home.

They had gone three miles to Millard County, to Kraft's ranch, when they came upon a road water pond which they would have to drive through. The horses couldn't pull the load so they unloaded and unhooked the horses and took them to dry ground and then he carried his new bride piggy-back through the water to the dry ground and then walked to the Kraft farm and borrowed a chain and hooked it to the tongue of the wagon and the horses and pulled the wagon onto dryground.

The young couple had a reception in Moroni and then again in Preston.

Peter was Superintendent of Sunday School from 1904-1906. Their first child was born in Lund and died at the age of 13 days. He was Lorus Elden. Their first daughter, Eva Loanna, was born June 30, 1903. She was a beautiful child and helped ease the pain of losing their little boy. On the 3rd of May 1905 Zelma was born. December 1, 1906, Hazel was born. The first three children were born in a log cabin that Peter had built and later built a tent room on the side of the cabin where Olive was born April 6, 1908. That same year Peter took Eva to Utah to have an operation on her foot which had been damaged from stepping bare-foot on a piece of granite from a broken vessel of some kind. He drove her and the rest of the family in to the LDS Hospital by team but came back by train.

Then Peter built the new house which was made of stone with a gabled roof and L shaped. He planted trees around it and it was such a lovely place. Here Edna Ina was born June 3, 1910, Mary Caroline April 3, 1912, and then they had another boy after six girls, Wilson Peter was born October 21, 1914. He was such a joy to them and to his six older sisters. They finally had their little boy.

Another daughter was born to them while living in that house, Verna Eomia born September9, 1916.

While the family lived in the stone house they had many happy times. Mary's sister, Marilda, who was married to Peter's brother, Orson, for awhile lived just down the hill from them and they were a comfort to each other. The children played together. Later Orson was killed when a horse he was riding stepped in a hole and fell and broke his leg and he fell on Orson. Marilda later married Hyrum Whitlock and more children were born to them and both families continued their good relationship.

Then Peter bought a farm and built a clap board, two room house on it. Here another son was born to the Lauritzens, Orson William, September 30, 1918. Peter here made harnesses and broke horses for people.

While Peter lived in Preston he was Second Counselor to Bishop Arnoldsen and First Counselor to Bishop Christian Hermansen, and to Bishop Niels Peter Jensen. Mary was a Counselor in the Primary and worked in the Relief Society. They were all an active family in the Church and a very happy family. They had many happy activities in Preston and were close to all the people and with the Lund people.

In 1918 the family moved to Ely and later to Metropolis. While living there another son, Vaughn Kent, was born to them on August 10, 1921 and a daughter, Verda Mae, July 8, 1923. Later they moved to Union, Utah. Here the children grew up but the memories of Preston and the people were with them and the younger ones who were too young to remember the happenings grew up hearing about the people and the happy times they used to have.

Written and submitted by:
Eomia Lauritzen Prina