When Albert was either 21 or 22 years of age, his friends came back from Nevada and coaxed him to go back to Preston, Nevada with them and work on this particular farm. They traveled with team and wagon. This was in May, and just before reaching Preston they were caught in a bad snow storm. They became lost, and ended up at Lund instead of Preston.

Almira Jane Bradley was only 17 years old when the Zephaniah R. Bradleys left Moroni and moved to Preston to work on this church farm and build a home. This farm had a big four room house on it. Albert and his friends lived in one room. They moved out when the Bradley family came and let the family move in.

It was after this that Albert and Almira started keeping company.

On the 20th of September 1899, they traveled to Georgetown and were married by Judge Tyler, with Martin and Laura Petersen as witnesses.

Albert had built a log cabin in Preston and took his bride home to this. Later they built a lean-to on this and had the first post office here.

Here also was where their first three children were born: Oliver Bradley, 6 August 1900; Blanche, 24 October 1901; and Ralph, 5 April 1903. Ralph lived only three days.

That fall (1903) they traveled to Manti, Utah to be sealed in the Temple. Grandma (Martha Jane) Bradley went with them. On reaching Manti they discovered that the children had whooping cough, but because they had traveled so far the Temple President let them go through. Everyone else was kept out until the Clowards had gone through.

It took them twenty-two days to make the round trip with team and wagon.

In about 1904 or 1905 they moved to Moroni where Viola was born, 4 March 1906. They then moved to Idaho where Marjorie was born, 3 January 1911.

Albert lived to be 90 years old and lived alone. Almira lost her eye sight so spent the last years with a daughter, Viola. She passed away at the age of 85.

Written and submitted by:
Marjorie Cloward Akelund