Henry and Nettie Behrmann came to Preston to be with their folks and other pioneers of the White River Valley.

They settled down just north of Preston in the house they bought from Oliver Cloward. They were really good L.D.S. people and will always be remembered by those who knew them for their acts of kindness and the good things everyone learned from them.

They had a family and one of the daughters married Will Warner. Will was a carpenter and helped build the Relief Society building which became the Ward Chapel. They did not stay long and moved back to Utah.

Heber Behrmann and small son Claude came to be with his sisters, Mrs. Jim (Annie) Jensen and Mrs. Chris (Maggie) Jensen. His wife had died when Claude was born.

He was more content here and got along very well. The Windous family lived just across the street and their daughter, Ina, was very sympathetic and later married Heber. They had two children, Wallace and Max, and Ina was a truly fine mother to Claude.

They lived in several places in Preston and Heber worked mostly for wages. He was a candy maker by trade and ate most of it.

They left and went to McGill, but Ina had arthritis and they moved to Bell Flower, California for her health. Heber died here on his 80th birthday and was buried in Chula Vista. Ina died later at the home of her sister, Eloise Huffman, in Chula Vista, California.

Written and submitted by:
Violet Windous Petersen