Dan Nicholas came to White River Valley before many other settlers were here. He came from Moroni, Utah before the turn of the century.

Before colonizing, he worked for wages and was a big help to the pioneers that came. He knew much of what was going on and who was here.

He drew with others for land and since there was a mix-up he was a big help in helping to straighten them out.

He had a home made of logs which was built on the land just north of where Christian Jensen built his house.

When Ed Funk and his family moved out they lived in this house the first year while they built one in Clog Holler.

Dan later moved it to his property in the north end of town near a spring which later became known as the Nicholas Spring. When he decided to move he told the Funks that he wanted to move in March as there was always plenty of snow to skid the house on.

Dan, for some reason of his own, never married; but was such a man that he was considered a good "catch" by many. He was not backward but still remained single.

He took an active part in the Church. He was a member of the Priesthood, a ward teacher, and held other offices in the Church.

In 1898 the first Christmas in Preston was celebrated in his home. He was very progressive and was always in favor of doing things to better the community as well as himself.

He was one of the founders and officers of the Preston Irrigation Company, Preston Potato Association, and the Preston Light and Power. He was always interested in dairying and at one time went into the dairy business on his own.

There was never a social or outing that Dan didn't participate in. For many years the town went to Berryman's Meadows for May Day or White River for a picnic and to gather pine nuts. Dan was always there with his team and wagon to help those who had no way to go. He also had the first truck that came to town. From this time on he and his truck was always ready to take as many as possible on any occasion.

He was a good farmer and always kept his machinery, buildings, fences, etc. in good condition. He was proud of all he owned and of his town.

He was also one of the founders of the Preston Creamery Company. This company operated for several years. This was a result of the town going in for dairy cattle. The first ones were from Jim Gianopolous and later they purchased a herd from Wisconsin.

His home was always open to those who wished to go and visit with each other, and also used for many meetings. Quite often someone was "going thru", and most of them found a place to put up their team and stay for the night.

Dan liked children and was always willing to do what he could for them. He was a source of spending money for many of us, as he would hire us to weed, plant cabbage, cultivate, and irrigate. This gave us a chance to make a little money for the twenty-fourth of July and other celebrations.

He went in the store business in the late 1920's and ran it together with a gas station for about ten years, then sold out to Hy Whitlock.

He moved into the store building and from then on he rented his farm letting the renters live in his house. He was still active in all town activities and helpful to get the light plant for thetown.

He sold the ranch to Charles Funk in 1944 and moved back to Moroni where he died some years later.

Gomer Nicholas, a nephew of Dan Nicholas, came out from Moroni in 1903 to work for Dan. He worked for him and others and was deputy sheriff for a time.

In 1907 Gomer married Etta Mathis and they lived in "Clog Holler" where two daughters were born, Edna and Dora. They attended school in Preston for a time, then the family moved to Lund where LaRue and Faye were born. Faye died in infancy. The family moved to Ely, but later when Dan started up his own milk business, Gomer came back again to help him.

Written and submitted by:
Charles Funk