Hans Raymond Arnoldson, a nephew of Hyrum S. Arnoldson,came to Preston after working for his Uncle Hy on the Moon River Ranch at Sunnyside. He was born in Moroni, San Pete County, Utah, September 10, 1891, a son of Hans J. Arnoldson and Mary A. Mallison.

Ray, as he was known by all, was active in the little community. He was a pleasant person, and was quite a joker and a tease. He was liked by all and enjoyed the company of the younger set.

His friendship with one Preston girl led to his marriage there. Ray married Irva Funk, the oldest daughter of Ed and Annie Funk. They lived in Preston for a few years where their two children were born. Their son, Hans Edward, was born 3 October 1918 and their daughter, Alice Darlene, was born 24 September 1923.

Ray rented a farm in Preston for a short time, then when some of the families left Preston and Lund to settle in Metropolis, Nevada, Ray and his family went also. They stayed there only a short time, then they moved to Ely and McGill where they lived for many years. Ray and Irva spent their last few years in Salt Lake City, Utah where they both passed away. Ray preceded Irva in death.

Written and submitted by:
Ida Jensen Gubler