James Hans Jensen, the second son and third child of Jens Jensen and Kjesten Marie Hansen, was born November 5, 1872 in Moroni, Utah. He attended the Moroni schools. He was in the first group of settlers to arrive in Preston in March of 1898. He married Anne Behrmann in the Manti Temple on November 9, 1898.

They came to Preston that fall and lived in what was known as the Home Ranch House or Company House. Their own house was built later. It was built of square sawed logs. Most of the other houses were built of round logs. The house was located across the street east of the old schoolhouse, church and dance hall.

Their first child, Ethel, was the first baby girl to be born in Preston.

James (Jim) was a farmer and blacksmith. The men freighted the product, which included hay and grain, to Tonopah, Goldfield, Pioche and Delamar. In later years they freighted to Ely and the mining towns of Ruth and Kimberly.

The first school house that Ethel remembers was the log building across the street from her home. This is where she went to school, church and any dances or socials.

During the summer the men had baseball games on Saturday afternoons and on holidays.

Jim and his family moved to Idaho in 1918. Jim went to Idaho first with an old friend, John Olson, and took up a claim or homestead near Murtaugh. He sold his farm in Preston and then moved his family to Murtaugh, Idaho in June of 1918.

While in Idaho his wife Anne passed away on January 20, 1923. She was buried in the Burley Cemetery in Burley, Idaho on January 22, 1923. One son, Elmer Daniel, also passed away in Idaho several years later after the family had returned to Preston.

When Jim and his family returned to Preston they lived again in their log home. The oldest daughter, Ethel, had married in Idaho, but she and her husband and two small daughters came to Preston for a short time. A third child was born here. Later they returned to Murtaugh, Idaho.

Jim had diabetes and even though he took insulin he gradually grew worse until his death in Preston on June 12, 1931. He was buried in the Preston Cemetery.

All of Jim and Anne's children were born in Preston.

Ethel Marie was born December 2, 1900. She married George Leslie Rose on June 1, 1921 and has lived most of the time in Idaho. They have five girls and two boys: Ellen Anne, Leora, George William, John (Jackie) Hans, Maxine, Twila Gaye and Charlene. Les and Ethel celebrated their 50th Anniversary on May 30, 1971.

James William (Bill) was born March 13, 1903. He attended Preston School and was in the service during World War II. He lived with his sister Lucy and her family in Lund for some time. He received medical attention at the Veteran's Hospital in Reno at various times and died thereon July 20, 1963.

Lillis Annie was born on December 21, 1905 and died January 27, 1906.

Ninettie Thelma was born March 17, 1907. She attended Preston School and after returning from Idaho she married Vergal Ruppe. She entered Lund High School and graduated from there. After Vergal's death she went to Idaho and remarried. At the present (1979) she is living in SanDiego, California (Thelma Jensen Ruppe Babcock).

Lucy Mary Jensen was born April 29, 1910. She attended school in Preston, Nevada and Murtaugh, Idaho. She married Clifford LaMar Peacock of Lund, Nevada on June 14, 1930. Their family consists of seven children: Jensen, Dena, Scharlott, Vione, Ina, Oliver, and Linda. Clifford and Lucy lived in Lund and have raised a family they can be proud of. Their daughter,Ina, lived for only a short time. One boy, Jensen, and the father, Clifford, have passed away. Lucy spends some time with her children who have married and moved from Lund.

Elmer Daniel was born October 1, 1913. He moved to Idaho with the family and died there in about 1935, several years after the family had returned to Preston.

Written by:
Ida J. Gubler

Submitted by:
Ethel Jensen Rose