Christian Hermansen was born in Frejlev, Aalborg, Denmark, June 25, 1855, son of Herman Christian Davidsen and Inger Marie Pedersen. His father was a blacksmith and at age 16 he apprenticed to learn the blacksmith's trade.

Christian married Karen Pedersen Borup of Store Arden, Aalborg, Denmark, on June 7, 1877. He joined the L.D.S. Church in October 1877, but his wife did not join until April 1878. They left Denmark and arrived in Salt Lake City, Utah July 14, 1879. They traveled by train to Juab and then on to Elsinore, Sevier County, Utah where he set up a blacksmith shop. They lived for a few years in Redmond and Milford, Utah.

After coming to Ely, Nevada in 1901 and again in 1906, he came to White River and bought the Barnes (later known as Berryman's) Ranch, which he and three married sons ran for about seven years. His wife Karen was a very neat and tidy housekeeper, and as they were moving very often, she worked very hard to keep up her home and the clothes of her large family. While living here on the ranch they had the three married couples, Chris and Nettie, Nephi and Hortense, Orson and Sara, as well as their younger children: Carrie, Rebecca, and David in the home. They all kept very busy canning wild berries, gardening, and raising chickens along with other livestock and the many ranch duties.

Christian and Karen then sold the ranch and moved to Preston on a few acres one lot south and adjoining the present cemetery. They planted a large orchard of apple trees and started a home in the center of it. Christian and Karen sold this property to Chris and Nettie and moved to Salt Lake City, where Karen died on March 6, 1929. Christian died in Richfield, Utah August 30, 1935. They were both buried in Elsinore, Utah. He had served a mission to Denmark in 1889, and was active in the Church.

Christian and Karen were the parents of six boys and five girls, four of whom died in childhood: Marie, Elizabeth, Josephine, and Otto.

The children were as follows: Marie Kirstine Elizabeth, Elizabeth Petrea, Josephine, Christian Jr., Orson, Nephi, George, Otto, Carrie, Rebecca Elnora, David Lorenzo. Besides thee leven children, they had thirty-one grandchildren and one hundred and ten great grandchildren.

Written and submitted by:
Christie L. Hermansen Haynes