Orthello Carlyle was the last child born to Zephaniah R. and Martha Jane Draper Bradley. They waited until he was a few months old before they moved to join the company of men who had come to start the new town. Carlyle grew up in Preston and married Maggie Bell Windous. They lived with his parents during their declining years. They were very helpful at this time as the elderly couple needed someone to care for them. While living at Preston some of their children were born. After the old couple passed away Carlyle and Maggie Bell moved to Ely where the rest of their children were born and reared.

On May 30, 1979 Orthello Carlyle Bradley was laid to rest beside his beloved wife Maggie Bell and his mother and father, Zeph and Martha Jane Bradley. We know it was a glorious day for him as well as for them that awaited his coming.

He leaves behind him though, many who will miss him and cherish the fond memories he left of himself. These are his six children: Bob, Margie, Nelda, Dorothy, Ivan and Von Nell. Grand children: 29 of them, 41 great grandchildren, and 1 great great grandchild.

A very proper and impressive farewell can be best expressed in the following words written by his youngest child, Von Nell.

The grass is growing so lush and green,
  The sun is bright on the mountain.
A hush falls over the meadow,
  The creek flows soft as a fountain.

The wind is still, then billows forth,
  The silence is heavy with meaning.
All of us tied with a common bond,
  Of sorrow, caring and feeling.

We lay O.C. near Maggie today,
  Knowing they're together in heaven above.
How lonely and different without them,
  Can we do without their guidance and love?

Then we remember the promises made long ago,
  By Jesus as He walked o'er the earth.
Of the joys of living upon this land,
  Of death and even rebirth.

So happy with memories we have of these two,
  They left answers for us in this life that we weave.
Let's heed the words they leave for us all---
  His, "Have Faith"---Hers, "I Believe."

    by Von Nell Bradley

Written and submitted by:
Margie Bradley Beckwith