Albert Madsen and Anna Cecilie Jacobsen were married August 28, 1897 in Denmark. They were baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints March 11, 1911. Albert came to America first. He arrived in Preston in 1911 or 1912 and his wife, Anna, and his two sons,Carl and Aage, came later in June of 1913.

Albert (Albrecht) Madsen was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, September 10, 1876, a son of Johann and Agatha Hansen Madsen. Anna Cecilia Jacobsen was born in Norreskov, Denmark, November 22, 1877 to Christian and Karen Marie Aagensen Jacobsen. Albert was a carpenter and cabinet maker by trade. He built many fine homes and buildings in White Pine County, including.the L.D.S. Relief Society (1912) and the Preston Grade School (1915), both buildings in Preston, showing his skill and devotion to his work.

The family moved to Salt Lake City for a short time, but returned to Preston. Albert worked in Ely in his later years for Thomas Bath and others. Anna stayed in Preston and took care of her home, her chickens and farm animals. After her husband's death she moved to Ely.

Albert Madsen died March 17, 1943. Anna died May 26, 1966. Both are buried in the Preston Cemetery.

Carl Madsen, the oldest son of Albert and Anna Madsen, attended school in the old log school house where school, church and dances were all held. At about 19 years of age, he purchased his first farm in Preston. Two years later, in October 1920, he married Adeline Windous, daughter of Margaret C. and Thomas C. Windous, also of Preston. Farming was his ambition, growing alfalfa, grains and vegetables which were peddled from door to door in the mining towns of Ruth, Kimberly and Reipetown, hauling the produce by wagon and team of horses. In later years, with modern equipment, growing potatoes was the achievement and pride of the Madsen family. The abundant supply was purchased by many markets in Ely, but primarily by Kennecott Copper Company commissaries at Ruth and McGill. During this time, Adeline was Postmistress at Preston for 13 years.

In 1947, the farm was sold and the family moved to Chula Vista, near San Diego, California, where they lived for 12 years working in construction. They have lived in Las Vegas, Nevada since 1961 as a county park manager and retired in 1978.

Four children were born to Carl and Adeline: Margaret Aleen, Anna, Kenneth Carl, and Kay Windous. All the children were delivered by their grandmother, Margaret C. Windous.

Aleen married Cecil Hutchings of Lund, February 1944. They have three children: Margaret Ann, Dennis, Steven William. They retired from the Navy and now make their home in Mapleton, Utah.

Anna, also known as Anna Mae or Ann worked for the U.S. Navy during World War II at Hawthorne, Nevada, has lived in Chula Vista, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Yosemite National Park, and now resides in Death Valley National Monument working for the National Park Service.

Kenneth married Gunbore Elizabeth (Giggi) Henriksson April 10, 1961. They have four children: Christine Elizabeth, Aron K, Teresa Ann and Brent Carl. Kenneth has a degree in Electrical Engineering and currently works for Sperry-Univac at Salt Lake City, Utah. He and Giggi reside in Bountiful, Utah.

Kay Windous (KW) was born December 5, 1933 in Ely, Nevada; was drafted into the U.S.Army in 1956, discharged in 1958; graduated from University of Southern California Dental School in 1963 and has now established private practice in Claremont, California. He married Mary Sue (Gamble) Getzman December 29, 1966. They have an adopted son, Jett Getzman Madsen, and a natural daughter, Gamble Leigh Madsen.

Aage Madsen, the second son of Albert and Anna Madsen, also known as Oga, attended Lund High School, worked on farms and ranches in White Pine County and with the Civilian Conservation Corps during 19331934. He volunteered service in the U.S. Marine Corp during World War II, serving from March 1942 to December 1945. Twenty-seven months was spent in the Pacific area including Guadalcanal, British New Hebrides, Russell Island, Southern Philippines, and Singtow, China. After his discharge from the Marine Corp, he worked for Kennecott Copper Company until retiring August 1, 1974.

Aage married Vera Cecelia Harmon of Canada at Ely, Nevada, September 15, 1956. They have one child, David Aaron Madsen, born November 13, 1959. David married Marelyn Brunson. They have two boys, Kristian and Kimball. Aage and Vera make their home in Ely.

Written and submitted by:
Aage Madsen and Aleen Madsen Hutchings