Christian Hermansen, Jr. was the first son and fourth child of Christian Hermansen of Frejlev, Aalborg, Denmark and Karen Pedersen Borup Hermansen of Store Arden, Aalborg,Denmark. He was born in Redmond, Sevier County, Utah on August 22, 1882. The family moved to Elsinore, to Milford, Utah, then back to Elsinore, Utah.

In 1901 Christian, his father, and his brother Orson went to Ely, Nevada for the first time. Christian worked on the Cambell Ranch north of Ely, in his father's blacksmith shop at Lane Cityand as a teamster in the Chainman Mine near Ruth. After being settled in Lane City all the family moved to Nevada. He worked for about two years and then went to Logan, Utah to attend Utah State Agricultural College. He attended two full years and two winter quarters, and played on the football and basketball squads. In the spring of 1906 he returned to Elsinore, Utah and purchased a farm.

On September 12, 1906, he married Nettie Philena Warnock in the Manti Temple, having become acquainted at a U.S.A.C. and B.Y.U. basketball game. Nettie was born November 25,1886 in Monroe, Sevier, Utah in a two-room adobe house. Her father was William Adam Warnock of Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland, and her mother, Philena Washburn Forbush Warnock,was born in Manti, Sanpete Co., Utah.

The first child of Christian and Nettie was Nettie Ione, who was born in Elsinore, Utah, July 30, 1907. Then Christian was called on a mission to the Northern States and left November 3, 1907 for Chicago, Illinois and returned October 1, 1909. Nettie supported herself, baby and her husband by teaching school and selling ice cream.

When Christian returned from his mission, the family moved to the Barnes (later known as Berryman's) Ranch in White River, Nevada, arriving in Ely January 31, 1910. They traded theUtah property for one-fourth interest in the ranch from Christian's father, Christian Hermansen,Sr. Uvada, the second child, was born there June 25, 1910 on her grandfather's birthday.

A frightening experience happened to his brother Nephi while living there. As Nephi took aload of baled hay from White River to Ely with a strange man who had come to the ranch the evening before to ask for a ride to Ely, he allowed the man to sit by a tub with a small fire to keep his hands warm as they rode along. As they neared Murry Summit, Nephi felt a queer feeling and looked around to see the man coming from the back of the load toward him with a knife in his hand and a strange look on his face. Nephi jumped off the wagon and as the man chased him around the wagon he managed to unhitch one of the horses, and jumped on the horse and rode off to get the sheriff in Ely. Since it was late by the time he arrived there, the sheriff did not come back with Nephi until the next morning and it had snowed. They tracked the man up a draw and discovered he had taken his own life with the knife.

Christian and Nettie lived at the Barnes Ranch until May 1, 1911. At this time they bought a farm from Martin Petersen in Preston. A few years later they bought the cement house closer totown from Collier Turner.

The rest of the children were born at that home in Preston. They are as follows: Royce Deray, November 5, 1913; Christie LaVerne, March 3, 1917; Burl W., October 26, 1919; Betty June, November 7, 1924.

On February 27, 1912, Christian was made Bishop of Preston Ward. He served six years at which time the tithing was paid "in kind". He was active in the various auxiliaries of the Churchand helped to plan and promote programs, dances and sports activities for special occasions asthe Twenty-fourth of July celebrations. He engaged in farming and livestock raising along with an apple orchard, most of his life, freighting and selling his produce in Ely, Ruth and McGilluntil 1944.

Nettie acted as Ward Clerk three years while her husband was Bishop. She was President of the Primary Association seven years; Secretary of the M.I.A. about two years; fifteen years a Sunday School teacher; became 2nd Counselor to Nettie Bradley in Relief Society; the President of Relief Society on March 26, 1933; also acting as class leader, tending the sick, making burial clothes and laying out the dead. She tended Zephaniah R. and Martha Jane Bradley prior to their passing. She was known as "an Angel of Mercy" by many.

From about 1925 to 1934, Nettie acted as school trustee clerk, which included helping to hire teachers for Preston Grammar School. She was always interested in promoting education for the children. Humorous readings, poems and other compositions were given by her on many P.T.A.programs and other functions and were enjoyed by everyone who heard them.

The Hermansen family took an active part in all civic and church activities. The children attended and graduated from Preston Grammar School and also Lund High School, except Ione and Uvada, who graduated from White Pine High School in Ely, as there was not a four-year high school in Lund at that time.

Farm work in the fields, gardening and tending livestock, butchering and curing meat were all a part of the daily life in those days. Clothing was mostly made by hand or by machine at home as well as the canning of foods for year around use. Hauling of wood for cooking and heating from the nearby hills was the duty of the men and boys which was mostly cedar and pinion pine. Kerosene was purchased at the Jensen Store or in Ely for use in the lamps and later to gasoline lamps prior to the coming of electricity.

As the children left home for college or to make homes of their own, Chris and Nettie were unable to get help to run the farm and sold the home and ranch in 1944. They moved to their property on High Street in Ely, Nevada, and then picked up odd jobs at the Telephone Company and hauling for various people as well as renting two small places for their support.

Chris was always very interested in outings, sports and loved dancing. He was one of the enthusiastic members of the baseball team that played ball with Lund on Saturday afternoons or holidays. He was active in P.T.A. and with Farm Bureau activities.

While attending the Old Folk's Party in Lund, Nevada with his wife and sister Rebecca, Chris suffered a fatal heart attack on December 29, 1950, at the age of 68, and was buried at Ely, Nevada.

While living in Ely, Nettie was very active in the Church. She was Relief Society President of Ely Ward for four years and was a Stake

L.D.S. missionary for two years, and held other important positions in the ward and stake.

She moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in June 1965 with the Haynes' family and lived with her daughter Christie, but usually spent her summers in Utah with Royce, Burl and Betty. She passed away on January 24, 1971 after having suffered a master stroke followed by pneumonia. She was buried at Ely, Nevada.

The following is a brief statement of the childrens' lives and activities:

Nettie Ione graduated from White Pine High School, Normal School at U.S.A.C., summer school at U. of California at Berkeley and U. of Nevada at Reno, played saxaphone in Mart Gardner's dance band, married Albert Samuel Gubler, died December 29, 1936.

Uvada graduated from White Pine High School; married William R. Sand, a rancher and constable of Trinity Co., California, who was a veteran of World War II, serving in U.S. NavyC.B.'s. Bill died December 22, 1978. They lived in Mad River, California.

Royce Deray married Grace Mardene Hendricks; graduated from U.S.A.C. in Logan; worked for U.S. Soil Conservation Service in Caliente and Elko, Nevada; went into the motel and service station business in Payson, Utah. He has served in a ward bishopric and been very active in the Scouting Program of the Church. They have six children, 27 grandchildren and one greatgrandchild.

Christie LaVerne married R. Scott Haynes, attended U.S.A.C. two years, graduated from University of Nevada at Reno, did post-graduate work at B.Y.U. and U.N.L.V., retired from school teaching in 1977 after 22 years in Nevada, served a summer L.D.S. mission in the Northwestern States, was President of Ely Ward M.I.A. and Relief Society, was Junor and Senior Genealogical Instructor, Sunday School teacher, Nevada Stake Relief Society President four years, served as St. George Temple ordinance worker over ten years, was Teacher Development and Inservice leader in the Las Vegas 15th Ward and Spiritual Living leader in Las Vegas Stake Relief Society, and now serves in the Ward Relief Society. They have five children, twelve grandchildren. (One is Christie's step child with four children.)

Burl W. married Eva Amanda Ward; graduated from U.S.A.C.; served in World War II as Lieutenant and Captain and in the Army Reserves as Major and Lt. Colonel; has owned the Gray Floral in Salt Lake City, Utah; has been active in scouting and was Bishop of the Richards Ward in Salt Lake City, Utah. They have six children, four grandchildren and three step grandchildren.

Betty June married Joseph F. Hanson, attended U.S.A.C., worked in First Security Bank in Provo, secretary of Provo Fourth Ward Sunday School many years, secretary of Relief Society ofboth ward and stake, active genealogist, and has supported her children in outstanding scouting activities. They have had five children. One daughter lived only a few hours. They have two grandchildren.

Christian and Nettie have a posterity of six children, 21 grandchildren, 41 great grandchildren, one step grandchild, seven step great grandchildren.

Written and submitted by:
Christie L. Hermansen Haynes