It was a "God send" that Hyrum S. and Anna C. Arnoldson were among the earliest ones to pioneer into White River Valley and to Preston, Nevada.

Right away Hy bought the Moon River Ranch at Sunnyside and a number of cattle with it. He had in mind that he could do this to help the pioneers out during the colonization of the two towns, Lund and Preston. "Uncle Hy" as he was known to all would kill a beef occasionally, and peddle it around the two towns. The hind quarters sold for about 10 cents a pound and all the rest sold for 6, 7 and 8 cents a pound. This really did help the communities out. They were all hungry for fresh meat.

Hyrum Smith Arnolds on was the first Bishop when the Preston Ward was organized. He was a great person in that capacity and the ward began to function immediately under his supervision. He kept a journal of the daily happenings in the little ward. Each day he wrote down when each person was chosen for the different positions in the various auxiliaries in the Church. He wrote about each party, dance, dinner or any entertainment in the ward and in whose home each was held, as there was no church building at first. The first births and deaths were also noted and any special or ordinary event that took place was included.

"Aunt Anna", as his wife was called by all, was an excellent secretary in any organization and was highly praised by General Authorities for her exact and excellent work. Besides being secretary in the various organizations she was Ward Clerk at one time and at one time she was Primary President. She also taught classes in different organizations.

Before coming to Nevada, Hyrum S. Arnoldson filled a mission in Canada (Northern States)and in his later years he filled a mission in the Southern States under Elder Callis. He did much good working with the people of the Southern States. He had an honorable release to come backto Preston Ward. Aunt Anna was matron for Preston students going to high school in Ely while Uncle Hy was on his mission to the Southern States.

Uncle Hy and Aunt Anna lived in Ely for a short time and when they returned to Preston they again became active in the ward. Uncle Hy was the instigator of many a ward picnic up on the meadows at the Rosevear and Berryman ranches. They were truly great parents for our Preston Ward. Time and again they invited someone in for a meal or a treat. They were very generous in all dealings.

They buried two children, Ponita and Elsa Marie, and Hy's father, Lars Christian Arnoldson,in the Preston Cemetery after taking good care of all of them. They also lost a boy, Lincoln Floyd. Hy's father had come to live with Hy and Anna in his later years. He was born in Denmark to Hans J. Arnoldson and Ane Marie Larson, 15 Aug 1830. Hyrum Arnoldson baptized him, 3 Jan 1909.

Hyrum Smith Arnoldson was born 27 July 1866 in Moroni, Sanpete County, Utah, son of Lars Christian and Else Mortensen Arnoldson. He died in the hospital in Ely, Nevada.

Anna Caroline Rasmussen, the daughter of Niels and Marie Larsen Rasmussen, was born 29July 1870 in Moroni, Sanpete County, Utah. She passed away 12 March 1952 in the hospital in Ely and was buried 15 March 1952.

They are at rest in the Preston Cemetery near many of our Preston Pioneers. No finer people ever lived than those faithful pioneers who colonized Preston in the late 1890's and Uncle Hy and Aunt Anna were among them.

Written and submitted by:
Violet W. Petersen