The Thomas Allred family moved to Preston from the Blue Eagle Ranch in Railroad Valley, Nye County, in 1913. Tom was a native of Utah and came to Nevada with Collier Turner and Ervin Allred looking for work. He married Evaline E. Horton, whose mother and Father, Martin and Annie Horton, and family owned the Blue Eagle Ranch. About this time Mr. and Mrs.Horton and son William Horton bought the lower ranch on Currant Creek, later known as the Calloway Ranch. When they moved to Currant, the Allreds made a trade of ranches with Clarence and Lydia Munson, the Munsons going to Railroad Valley and the Allreds to Preston. Adelaide and Faunece Allred started school in the old LOG school house in Preston. This school was near the Hyrum Arnoldson home.

Ned Clark, an old family friend, accompanied the family and lived with them until his death about 1915. He is buried in the Preston cemetery.

The Allred family lived on the property immediately east of the Chris Jensen family, on what was then the main road to Lund.

As all other families in the valley, we raised alfalfa and grain to feed our livestock. We had about 20 Holstein dairy cows and sold milk and cream to the Ely Creamery. We also raised range cattle and horses which needed feed for winter.

In about 1917 Tom left his share of the farm in care of his brother Herbert and moved to Montana. Mrs. Allred sold the other half of the farm to Carl and Adeline Madsen and she and the girls, in partnership with her brother William Horton, bought the Willow Grove Ranch. Mrs.Allred was an accomplished horse woman and rode the range caring for our cattle, fed the stock, etc. In about 1920, she and her brother sold the Willow Grove Ranch to Jess Gardner and we moved to Ely to take advantage of high school.

After graduating from high school Adelaide worked as cashier at the J. C. Penney store in Elyfor seventeen years. In 1942 she moved to Carson City where she worked for the Nevada Industrial Commission for thirty years. She is now retired and still lives in Carson City and enjoys traveling, golfing and club work.

Faunece and Mrs. Allred moved to Oakland in 1928 or 1929 where Faunece graduated from business college and married Robert de Lambert. She and her husband were in the wholesale drug business with his father for a number of years. After his father's retirement Bob operated several retail variety stores before retiring near Santa Rosa, California. They had one son, Richard, who graduated from San Jose State and now manages a savings and loan bank in Santa Rosa. He has three sons, all in school in Santa Rosa.

In 1955 Mrs. Allred moved to Carson City to live with Adelaide. She passed away in 1966 and is buried in Reno beside her sister Sylvia Turner.

In the meantime Tom had moved to Kern County, California where he rented saddle and pack horses to vacationers and hunters coming to the mountains. Tom usually acted as guide for the hunters.

Tom had worked with livestock all his life. However, in 1943, while breaking a colt to ride, he had a very serious accident which left him almost completely paralyzed for the last nineteen years of his life.

During these many years of confinement, Tom never complained of his plight, was always congenial and mindful of those caring for him. He always kept up-to-date on current events by reading and discussing politics with his many visitors and friends. Tom is buried in the Preston Cemetery beside Ned Clark, the old family friend who moved there with them in 1913.

Written and submitted by:
Adelaide Allred