When Jim and Sadie Summers first came to Preston they lived on the Indian Ranch which is near where Walter Cripps now has his home. They did some farming and it was here that some of the Preston children saw peanuts grow. Jim and Sadie had a small box with a few peanut plants growing in it. They left the farm and moved to Preston where they purchased the store from Chris Jensen. They built a lumber addition on to the small log house located on the hill west of the Whitlock home. This addition was the store. It is no longer there, but the log house still stands. The log house is the original home of James Orlando Morley,and Virgil and Thelma J. Ruppe once lived there.

Sadie and Jim sold gasoline from a 50 gallon galvanized tank which stood upright with a tap near the bottom where the gasoline was drained out. The gasoline was measured into a 5 gallon can which had gallon marks on it. In about 1927 they sold the store with all the merchandise, consisting mainly of can goods and a few other items such as sugar, candy, salt, cloth, tobacco, thread, lace, and other sewing items to Niels and Jensine Marie Jensen. The large gasoline container and the 5 gallon measuring can went to the new location. Niels and J. Marie put in a second-hand gasoline pump later which they purchased from a Mr. Swab in Ely. Later a more modern pump was installed.

Jim and Sadie left Preston after they sold the store. They moved to Ely.