Although they were not original pioneers, Carl and Millie Ray added their bit to the history ofPreston. They came in their later years and remained the rest of their days. They farmed whatwas known as the Morley field about two miles north of Preston. Later they lived in the littleadobe house on the right side of the road as you leave town going north.

Carl was quite a gardener and a nurseryman. He started all the Chinese Elm trees that arenow growing in Preston. They seemed a good addition as they were quick to grow and producedan abundance of shade, but later their excessive amount of seeds made them more of a pest.

Millie was a lively person, always active in socials of any kind. They were both active andaccepted by the people of the town. Millie had a son, Vernon Barnes, by a former marriage whocame and visited her quite often. Vernon died when a rather young man and is buried in thePreston Cemetery by his mother and Carl. Millie's mother and two sisters are buried there also. Millie died of a heart attack and Carl lived alone for several years.