The John M. Sorensen family lived in Preston for some time during the twenties. John operated the Chris Hermansen farm and they lived in the old house west of the Hermansen home. They were a very active family especially in church. They also participated in all school andtown functions. The Sorensen family consisted of six children. They were Vernal, Beatrice,Udell, Richard, Othel, and Norman.

The older children attended school in Preston. Vernal is remembered as one of the big boys in school.

Drusilla had a lovely singing voice which added to the musical talent of the ward. She and her sister, Mrs. Claude (Pearl) Gardner sang such beautiful duets. After several years in Prestonthe Sorensens moved to Ely where John M. was bishop of the Ely Ward for some time. When they left Ely they moved to Oregon. The daughter, Beatrice, married George O'Mealy of McGill. They moved to Oregon also.