John Sorensen was with the first group of settlers that came to Preston. He came and left three different times as he was not pleased with the conditions here. Each time, he returned to Moroni, Utah. When Tom Windous, his wife and five children moved to Preston, John and his wife and five children came too, but not for long.

John was born in Fountain Green, Sanpete County, Utah, February 27, 1865. His wife, Amarillious Morley, was born in Moroni, Sanpete County, Utah. They had eight children, all born in Moroni, Utah. Five of the children were born before they moved to Preston. While living in Preston, one of the oldest girls, Arilla, jumped off a wagon wheel and injured herself internally. She passed away December 16, 1899. She was the first death in Preston and was buried in the first cemetery south of Preston. Later her grave was moved north of town where a new cemetery was made to avoid the floods that came down White River each spring.

After Arrilla's death the family went back to Moroni to stay. They had lived in Preston about two years all together. They moved when Soren C. and Caroline Christensen left, April 16,1901.

While in Preston John had shared his home with his half brothers, Niels Peter, James Hans, Andrew and Christian Jensen, while they built their own houses. They all worked together to get started in their new settlement.

The Sorensens were a good L.D.S. family. John was sustained as first counselor to Sunday School Superintendent, Hyrum S. Arnoldson, April 30, 1899. A public chicken dinner was held in their home, January 2, 1901. They participated in all activities of the town until they moved back to Moroni.

Written by:
Ida Jensen Gubler

Submitted by:
Violet Windous Petersen

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