Soren C. Christensen and his wife Caroline Jensen came to Preston around the turn of thecentury. Caroline is the sister of the four Jensen brothers, Niels Peter, James Hans, Andrew andChristian Weaver who were all early settlers there at the time.

Soren and Caroline were active in the church and civic activities while they were there. Soren was sustained as President of the Y.M.M.I.A., December 4, 1900, with Andrew Jensen asone of his counselors. Caroline was sustained as counselor in the Y.L.M.I.A. the same day.

They did not stay long in the new little settlement as they moved back to Moroni when JohnSorensen made one of his moves back to Utah, April 16, 1901. When they left there werevacancies in the Sunday School organization as well as in the M.I.A. They made their home permanently in Moroni, Utah where they raised a large family.

Written by:
Ida Jensen Gubler

Information from:
H. S. Arnoldson's diary