Anthony and Lucy M. Bradley Bruno came to Preston in November 1900. They were living at Hyde Ranch near Juab, Juab County, Utah when Lucy took part of her family and two nephews, and went to Preston, Nevada to investigate to see if they could better themselves bymaking a move. It was a trip of 250 miles that they made with team and wagon. She looked things over and decided it would be a wise move. She returned to Juab, and that fall she and her husband and children left for Nevada.

They settled there and it was while they lived in Preston that Lucy went to Salt Lake City to learn to be a midwife. It was a difficult decision for her to make because she had seven children of her own and two nephews to care for. She did as she was asked and with the help of the Lord,her own dear husband and her oldest daughter, Louie, who was married, she was able to relieve much suffering. She brought many babies into the world. Most of this help was given around Preston and Sharp. When in Salt Lake City she studied under Ellis Reynolds Shipt M.D.

One granddaughter remembers her grandmother's yellow cupboard in which she kept all her medicine. It was kept under lock and key. Much of her doctoring was done with herbs.

Lucy was away from home a lot in her work as a midwife. She traveled with horse and buggy for miles and sometimes stayed for weeks with the sick. Anthony was good to help withthe family while she was gone. He was a small man, very kind and reserved. He wore a little black mustache. His pride and joy was a beautiful black team of horses. Their names were Hock and Clyde.

From Preston they moved to Currant Creek, Nevada. Here Anthony leased the Currant Creek Ranch and his son-in-law Amos Ivie worked on the ranch with him. There was an orchard and they raised cattle. Then they moved to Sharp, Nevada where they bought a ranch for farming and cattle raising. They always had plenty to eat as they raised most of their food. Most of the hired help was Indians. Lucy and Louie used to cook dinner for the Indians and take it out to

them under the trees. The family made their own fun. In the evenings they made candy and cracked pine nuts to put in it. They used to trade the Indians a sack of flour for a sack of pinenuts.

At some time they moved back to Preston where Lucy continued her nursing. She brought many of her own grandchildren into this world as well as many other babies in Preston.

Anthony Bruno, Jr. was born 19 November 1847 in Hamburg, Farmington County, Iowa to Anthony Bruno Sr. and Lydia Elizabeth Palmer. He died 22 February 1921. Lucy Martha Bradley was born 26 March 1855 in Nephi, Juab County, Utah to George Washington Bradley and Cynthia Wagle. She died 13 January 1946. They are buried in the Preston Cemetery. They had thirteen children, eight of them they raised to maturity.

Lusyntha (Louie), their oldest daughter, was born 23 December 1881 in Moroni, Utah. She married Amos Ivie at his mother's home in Scipio, Utah just before they came to Nevada with her parents. They had eight children: Luella, Emerson, Lillian, Lloyde "A", Cleade (twin), Cleone(twin), Orlo "J", Dorothy Denice. The Ivie family lived in McGill for many years. Amos died 20 March 1954 and Louie died 8 July 1961. They are buried in the Ely Cemetery.

Minnie was born 8 February 1887 in Moroni, Utah. She married Dolphy Walch. They lived in Preston and raised their family of seven there. The family was Eldon, Floyd, Willis, Velma, Helen, Anthony and Earl. Minnie and Dolphy are both buried in Ely.

Mary Emma (Mamie) was born 27 August 1889 in Wellington, Severe County, Utah. She married Elmer Davis. Elmer's death left her with a small daughter, Alma. She then married Harry Lewis. They had the following children: Edna, Harry, George, Emery, Mary Emma and Lucille.

George Washington (Dard) was born 1 May 1891 in Willington, Severe County, Utah, and died 15 April 1960. He was a famous cowboy in this area. He married Maude Reid.

Hortence married Morton Cutler. She was born in Nephi, Juab County,

Utah, 27 January 1893. Morton and Hortence lived in Preston for a short time. Their children are: Lemoin, Bonnie, Elda, Fae, Keith, Beth, Glade and Darlene. They moved to Alamo, Nevada.

Clara was born in Nephi, Juab County, Utah. She married Emery Garrett. They have lived at various places in Railroad Valley. He is buried in the Preston Cemetery.

Lydia was born in Nephi, Juab County, 15 February 1897. She married William H. Cates. Their children were all born in Preston. They are: Margaret, Esther, Arlene, Willetta, Deloris,Sylvia, June, Gordon and Geneil. Bill and Lydia spent their last few years in Ely where they are both buried in the Ely Cemetery.

Ada was born April 6, 1899 in Juab, Juab County, Utah. She married Edward E. Fawcett of Lund, Nevada. They had nine children. Two baby daughters died as infants. Four sons and three daughters are living today: Romania, Carl, Lawrence, Myrtle, Glen, Stanley and Patricia. They lived in Lund for many years, then moved to the western part of the state. Ada passed awayin December 1979 in Yerington, Nevada. Ed passed away some years ago.

Written and submitted by:
Cleone Ivie Meadows