The Jackman family came to Preston during the latter part of the 1920's. They came from Levan, Juab County, Utah. Eugene was working on a ranch for M. T. Collins and Lorena and the family lived in Preston.

Eugene was the son of Walter Jackman and Annie Lambert. He was born in Levan, Utah, 12 May 1889. Lorena Wankier was the daughter of Peter Wankier and Christina Petersen. She was born in Levan, Utah, 2 November 1894. The family consisted of Rhea, born 22 May 1915; Dorothy, born 15 October 1918; Melba, born 23 September 1920; Venice, born 11 November 1921; and Calvin Rosco, born 11 December 1924. They were all born in Levan, Juab County, Utah. While living in Preston another son, Walter Ray, was added to the family. He was born in Ely, Nevada, 8 December 1932.

The Jackmans were all very active in church, school and all social functions. They were accepted by everyone and they really added much to the town.

Lorena was President of the Primary for some time. She was also secretary in the Relief Society. She was a pleasant, rather witty person, always ready to help in any way she could. Eugene leased Niels P. Jensen's farm for a few years. At that time he lived with the family in Preston.

Rhea was in high school when they came to Preston so she went to Lund High School and graduated from there. The other girls and Calvin attended Preston Grade School and graduated from Lund High School. Six days after his graduation, Calvin went into the Navy. This was during World War II, and he had enlisted. He was one of the many boys from Preston in the service at that time. Calvin was ordained an Elder before he went into the service. Walter attended Ruth Grade School as the family had moved to Ruth, Nevada where Eugene had obtained employment with the Kennecott Copper Company. Walter graduated from White Pine County High School in Ely.

Eugene passed away while living at Ruth. Lorena lived alone in Ruth for many years. She was always busy working with her hands. She once said she hoped she would always be able to use her hands even if other parts of her body became incapacitated. She was granted this desire as she did crocheting and other handwork until the last. At the age if 82, Lorena passed away while still living in Ruth. She and Eugene are buried in the Ely Cemetery.

Written and submitted by:
Dorothy Jackman Smith