Andrew Jensen, his wife Marie and baby son, Cloyd, came to Preston at the same time his brother, Niels Peter, and family did. (The date of their arrival could be June 16, 1899.) Andrew was the fourth child and the third son of Jens Jensen and Kjesten Maria Hansen, born October 11, 1874 in Moroni, Utah.

Andrew's home in Preston was built on the lot across the street east of the Arnoldson (Ruppe) spring.

While living in Preston four other children were born. They were George James, Alida Marie, Viola and Charles Leslie.

The family took part in church and school activities. Alida tells about going to Sunday School and Sacrament Meeting in the same building where school was held. She said, "Our school was fun! All the grades were in two rooms. The first to the fourth were in one room and the fifth to the eighth were in the other. I think one of the teacher's name was Mrs. Brown. She was angry at my dad who was on the school board, so she held my brother George and me back to take the grade over again. I caught up with George in the third grade, but he was promoted to the fourth and we also got promoted at the end of the year.

"Eva and Marie Olsen, sisters from Moroni, Utah, came and taught school the last year we were in Preston. Marie taught the first four grades and Eva taught the fifth through eighth. One week Eva had George Windous stand up in front of the class with his back to the class holding an umbrella and then we had to draw him. The next week I had to stand on a chair facing the group. I stood there so long (Eva kept asking if I was tired and I'd say no) that I finally fainted and fell off the chair to the floor. This was very embarrassing."

Viola remembers when the Indians would come to town and want food and how scared she was of them.

In those days everyone went to the dances. Alida remembers watching the older people dancing as she and the other children sat on the benches which were all around the hall. She says, "1 can still see my dad (Andrew Jensen) playing the violin to help with the music. They took the kids with them instead of having baby sitters. I remember the Lund people coming in to join the fun."

When Alida was 12 years old she and Carl Madsen were chosen to pe queen and king on May Day.

Andrew and Marie and family took an active part in the settling of Preston, but for some reason they did not stay. They left Preston in June of 1915 to return to Moroni, Utah where they remained the rest of their days. Marie passed away on April 21, 1944, and Andrew passed away on May 6, 1952.

Viola said, " will never forget the day#we left Preston for Utah in a white topped buggy anda wagon both drawn by horses."

Viola and Alida are the only ones left of that family (1979). They say "We still think of Preston as our home town and it is very dear to us yet."

The first child of Andrew and Marie's family was born in Moroni, August 18, 1898. Cloyd came to Preston with his parents and moved back to Moroni with them in 1915. Here he married and raised a family. He died March 3, 1960.

George James was the first child born to them in Preston. He was born November 21, 1900. He attended school in Preston and moved to Moroni where he married and raised a family. He died October 29, 1961.

Alida Marie was born February 28, 1903. She was active in both school and church. Aftershe moved to Moroni she married Frank Christensen and they raised a nice family. They cameout to McGill, Nevada where Frank worked for a short time. They celebrated their 50th weddinganniversary on November 24, 1972.

Viola was born September 13, 1905. When about ten years old she moved to Moroni. She married Ross Madsen and they have lived in Payson and Provo, Utah where they have raised their family.

Charles Leslie was born June 28, 1908 at Preston. He moved from Preston to Moroni with the family. He died there May 3, 1918.

Written by:Ida Jensen Gubler

Submitted by:
Alida Jensen Christensen and Viola Jensen Madsen