Andres (Andrew) Tyre Petersen was born in Skjestrup, Denmark, December 22, 1845. He was a soldier in the Danish Army in Denmark when it gained a victory during the war with Germany.

He married Ane (Anna) Margretta Madsen October 2, 1870 in Denmark. She was born January 2, 1845 to Mads Christensen and Karen Kirstine Jensen. They were the parents of 13 children. Some of them including Martin were born in Denmark.

They went into the milling business. They became interested in the L.D.S. religion and in time they were converted and baptized. Soon they decided to come to Utah. Since their means were very meager, Andres (Andrew) sent the mother (Ane) and five children to Utah first, while he stayed in Denmark and earned enough cash to come later bringing with him the two older children.

On the voyage from Denmark to America two of the five children became ill and died, and were buried at sea. There was an epidemic of Small Pox on the ship. Many other passengers died also. When the father and the two older children arrived, the father was surprised and saddened to see only three children with Anna.

They made their home in Huntsville, Utah. President David O. McKay's family lived there and Martin and David were real pals. Martin was nine years old when he came to American and this friendship was a good one.' Many "kids" of the town tried to beat up on Martin, "The Wooden Shoe", but his good friend, David, always helped him out.

Since Andrew had been in the milling business in Denmark he understood the business and when they moved to Moroni, Utah, they had a grain mill. It was located northeast of Nephi,Utah, in the Nephi Canyon. The mill still stands today (April 1979). There was a big water wheel to power the mill. Martin worked in this flour mill when he and Laura were first married. Their first child, Lowell, was born here in Nephi in 1894.

In the summer of 1898 Andrew and Anna left Moroni, Utah for Georgetown, Nevada. They were accompanied by their son, Martin, who had left his family in Moroni, and their youngest daughter Lydia and others. The trip by wagon took eleven days. Andrew and Anna lived here at what is now known as the Georgetown Ranch until the land was sold. They then moved to Preston where they moved into a house that had been built by Preston pioneers known as the Albert Gee home.

While in Preston they engaged in farming. Their son-in-law Clarence Munson lived with them after his wife (their daughter Mary) passed away. Clarence worked on the farm with Andrew. Later Andrew moved to Railroad Valley where Clarence bought a ranch.

Andres (Andrew) Tyre Petersen said they left the "Tyre" in Denmark. He died in Railroad Valley in 1917. Anna lived in Preston again when Clarence moved back for a short time. She died at McGill, Nevada in 1928 while staying with her daughter, Lizzie Morley. Both Andrew and Anna are buried in the Preston Cemetery at Preston, Nevada.

Written and submitted by:
Andrew L. Petersen and Violet W. Petersen