Edmund Gubler

Edmund (Ted) Gubler, as a First Lieutenant in the Air Service, was flying a P-61 Mustang, escorting bombers over the war zone in Europe, when he was shot down over Romania and held in Bucharest as a P.O.W. for about eight months. Lanse Smith received the Purple Heart for wounds he received in the Battle of the Bulge. Cecil Hutchings was in the service during World War II, Korea and Vietnam. He was Captain and Commanding Officer at the Navy-Marine training base at Alameda, California and received two top secret letters of commendation for photographic flight missions. Burl Hermansen was a Lieutenant Colonel and saw action at Iwo Jima. Jack Bradley, another former resident of Preston, was captured by the Japanese at Bataan. After some months in a prison camp in the Philipines, he was being transferred by ship to Japan. A United States aircraft bombed the ship and he was killed.

However history interprets the Korean and Vietnam conflicts, they were efforts by a nation dedicated to human rights, to check the spread of Communism to protect weaker nations and our young men served with distinction. During the three years of Korea and the nine years the United States was in Vietnam and the times in between and since many White River boys served in both wars and in different branches of the service including the Army of Occupation and the National Guard.

Maun Petersen

Maun Petersen, after serving with the Army of Occupation in Germany, was sent to Korea where he was killed immediately after being sent into action.

Wallace Taylor

Wallace Taylor, with the Air Force in the Korean conflict spent two years in Japan and many years with the National Guard where he attained the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Elbert Gardner,Jet Fighter Pilot and Lieutenant Colonel, survived an air collision and received the Distinguished Flying Cross and an Air Medal with nine Oak Leaf Clusters. L. Reid Ivins, jet pilot and Lieutenant Colonel served twenty years in Korea and Vietnam and in the United States as flying instructor and Staff Officer to the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon. A citation he received reads: "First Lieutenant Loraine R. Ivins distinguished himself by meritorious achievement while participating in aerial flight. While on an armed reconnaissance mission he flew at dangerously low altitudes along enemy main supply routes, seeking targets of opportunity. Dive bombing from absolute minimum altitude, Lieutenant Ivins' accurate bombing started fires which rapidly swept through the box cars, setting off large and numerous secondary explosions of munitions. Through intense anti-aircraft fire, which by now had become seemingly impenetrable, Lieutenant Ivins made strafing passes until forced to withdraw due to low fuel supply. As a result of this highly successful mission, large quantities of munitions vitally needed by the enemy for his front line offensive were destroyed. Through his skill, courage and devotion to duty, Lieutenant Ivins has brought great credit upon himself and the United States Air Force."

Admittedly this is not complete but only a few characteristic examples. Pictures and/or names ofservicemen connected with the Valley follow. Some of the individual achievements are in thecaptions when available.




Neil Gardner Sr.
Sam Sinfield
Gideon HendrixFern Sinfield
Lorain Hendrix
LaVerne Whipple
Orvil Hendrix
John Adams
Loraine R. Ivins
Carl Stephens(no picture)
Henry Mathis
Ashby Harrison
Merlin Peacock
Rodney Oxborrow
Steel Reid
Alden Horsley(no picture)
Francis Riordan(no picture)
Wesley Reid



Frank Bradley (Donahue)
Everett Bradley (no picture)
Joe Bradley
Virgil Ruppe




Mack Gardner
Hilton Gardner
Lewis Oxborrow
James Wakeling
Gene Besswanger
Lawrence Fawcett
Bobbie D. Hutchings
Clair Wakeling
Neil Gardner Jr.
Roscoe Sinfield
Doug Kenyon
Karl Kenyon
Edmund Gubler
Lanse Smith
DeRoy H. Gubler
Ben Sinfield
Kay Reid
Philip Carter
John L. Hendrix
Joe W. Peacock
Leonard Gardner
Cecil Hutchings
LaVon Fawcett
Arien Wise
Keith W. Hendrix
Bud Hendrix
Rex Hendrix
Ray Horsley
Lee Horsley
Fielding Ashby



Ralph Bernsen (no picture)
Aage Madsen
Rex Petersen
William Jensen (no picture)
Burl Hermansen
Jack Bradley
Walter Cripps
Lewis Cripps
Comins Petersen
Murray Petersen
John Dennis
V. Harrison Gardner
Amos Gardner
Calvin Jackman (no picture)
Alvin Cazier (no picture)
Marion Arnoldsen
Darwin Arnoldsen
Larry Arnoldsen
David Arnoldsen
Jay Cheel
Walter Cheel
Jay Arnoldsen
Carol Arnoldsen
Paul Neilsen (no picture)
James Neilsen (no picture)
Eugene Funk
Alfred Funk
Ray Funk




Duke Hermansen
Stanley Fawcett
Elbert Gardner
J. L. Whipple
Richard Reid
Max Reid
Frank Reid
Jensen Peacock
Cecil Hutchings
Duane Duval
Duane Duval
Brice Gubler
Denton Gubler
D. Edgar Perry
Richard E. Perry
Reid Ivins
Wallace Taylor
Leonard Larkin
Clyde W. (Bill) Larkin
Neil Gardner III
Robert Bartlett
Victor Williams
Robert Hold
Myron Wise
Udell Wise
Jackson Taylor
Stanton Stucki
Randy Stucki
Glen Fawcett
Norris Hendrix
George Paice
Vernon Spidel
Dee Rollins (Snow)
Gary Gardner
Vernile Adams
Jay Godfrey
Dennis Tribble
Robert Mathewson
Harvey Hold
Clark Reid
Keith Ivins
Boyd Stucki



Dick Judd
David Petersen
Russell Peacock
Guy Robertshaw
Robert Petersen
Maun Petersen
Martin (Junior) Petersen
Joe Burton
Darrell Gardner
Milton Judd



Jerry Millet
Duane Sam
Daniel Mike



Michael Gardner
Donald McKenzie
Sam Scow
Frank Funk
Robert Gardner
Nelson Carter
Roy Gene Horsley
Jack Reid
Wallace Taylor
Ken McKenzie