Orrin Henry Snow, son of William and Ann Rogers Snow, was born in Pine Valley, Utah 17 April 1869. His father died when Orrin was 10 years old, leaving his wife with 8 children to support.

Orrin Snow wrote in his life story, "When I was 10, the harvest that fall was 28 bushels of smutty wheat to last us for one year." His older brothers got jobs to help out and Orrin helped around the home. His mother sewed to help earn a little to help support the family.

Orrin had very little formal education, about 4 months out of the year. His first school he writes about was a little one room school with no desks. They sat on benches, and their only textbook was the Webster Blue Book Speller. Each child would take their turn going up to the teacher and she would show them how to read. The child would face the teacher and the teacher held the book facing her. Thus each child learned to read upside down. Orrin said throughout his life he could read upside down as well as right side up.

Orrin did go to the Brigham Young University in 1890 and after completing a term there was called on a mission to the Southern States where he served until the fall of 1893. One of his companions while on his mission was George Albert Smith who later became President of the Church. His Mission President was J. Golden Kimball. Later he named his son, Golden, for this man.

After his mission, Orrin returned to Pine Valley where he freighted and did other odd jobs to help support his mother and family. One of these jobs was a contract to haul wood. The first Sunday morning on this job he tended his horses then turned them out to graze. The other men said, "What are you doing?" He replied, "I'm taking the day off, it's Sunday." The following day he hired some wood choppers to help. When the contract was finished he had averaged 12 loads of wood in 6 days while the other men averaged 10½ loads in 7 days.

On the 23 of September, 1895 he married Ella May Burgess, daughter of George M. and Rhoda Ann Dykes Burgess. Ella was adept at riding horses and also a musician.

Anne Snow Turner, seventh child of Orrin and Ella Snow wrote this, "When my parents moved from Pine Valley to Lund, Nevada in about 1901 they had 3 children. Their first home in Lund was a tent. They later purchased, what my father termed, a wooden shack. His first working position was teaching school. He also purchased some ranch land to graze his live stock on.

"During that first year in Lund he made a wagon trip back to Pine Valley to get a load of lumber to build a store. J.J. Gubler, Frank Bryner, George M. Burgess and Father were to be part owners of the Lund Mercantile Store. However, two dropped out, so my father and George M. Burgess took over the store. He built the home where Carl and Janice Willfong live, where his family lived for 3 years.

"In 1902 he was made Bishop of the Lund Ward. While he was Bishop an addition was made to the church, then the other part was stuccoed, making a fairly nice building. My mother played the organ for nearly all of the church meetings and choir practice was held in their home.

"Four children were born to my parents while they lived in Lund. After the 7th child (myself,Anne) was born, my mother had a serious illness and died in May of 1908. In 1909 my father married Vilo Redd. She encouraged him to move to Alberta, Canada, where she had a number of relatives. He sold his holdings in Lund and In June, 1910 moved to Canada."

He took his family to Canada first then returned to Lund to get his livestock and farming equipment. He told how he had shipped 52 head of fine work horses, but they were quarantined at the border for over a week with practically nothing to eat. By the time he got them up to Raymond, Alberta, Canada, they looked like they had just survived a hard winter.

As a leader and colonizer, Orrin Snow left his imprint wherever he went. One year after he arrived in Canada, he was chosen counselor to H.S. Allen in the Taylor Stake Presidency, that position he held for 25 years.

He was the mayor of Raymond for many years, and during his term of office he had the boardside walks replaced with cement. He was responsible for a sugar factory being built in Raymond, a hotel, restaurants, a fire department and a town hall. These were just a few of his many accomplishments.

In 1916, a baby, Alice, was adopted into their family after the child's mother died at childbirth.

The children of Orrin and Ella B. Snow are as follows:

Afton was born 13 Aug. 1896 in Pine Valley. Lived there and in Lund, Nevada until age 15, then migrated to Raymond, Alberta, Canada. She was very musical and at age 16 she played in a local theater for silent movies. She was a home economics high school teacher. She married James Orrin Turner Sep. 15, 1922. She bore 3 children: Keith, Barbara, Katherine. Afton died 27 Sep. 1931.

May was born 25 April 1898 in Pine Valley. She lived in Pine Valley; Lund, Nevada and Raymond, Alberta. She was educated to be a kindergarten teacher, also filled a mission to California. Died 13 March 1935, unmarried.

J. Golden was born 21 Jan. 1900 in Pine Valley. He lived in Pine Valley, Raymond, Alberta. Filled a mission to the Eastern States. Married Verda Eunice Lybbert 4 March 1924. Was President of the South African Mission for 3 years, coming home in 1967. In the fall of 1967 made a councilor in the Alberta Temple Presidency. He held this position for 9 years and in 1978 was ordained a Patriarch in the Raymond, Alberta Stake. (Before going to Africa he had been Bishop and Stake President.) He is the father of 5 children: Donna, Durene, Margaret,Gordon and Mary.

Norma was born 4 Feb. 1902 in Lund, Nevada. Had her schooling in Raymond, Alberta and in Salt Lake City, Utah where she trained as a nurse in the L.D.S. Hospital. She married William Parley Meldrum 26 Nov. 1942. One child born to them, Rulon Snow Meldrum. Norma died in July 1962.

Howard Reuben was born in Lund, Nevada 8 Sep. 1903. After his schooling in Raymond he went into the ranching business. He served for many years as councilor in the Warner County. He married Marion Ethel Court Bascom. No children.

Orrin Porter was born in Lund, 1 Oct. 1905. Had a few years schooling in Raymond, Alberta. Died young, 13 Feb. 1919.

Anne was born in Lund, Nevada 10 April 1908. Migrated to Canada with family in June of 1910. Education mainly in Raymond, Alberta. One year at B.Y.U. in Provo, Utah and to Calgary Business College. Occupation: stenographer and bookkeeper. Filled a mission in Texas. Married Afton's husband, Orrin Turner. They reared Orrin's and Afton's 3 children.

Alice Cox Snow (daughter of William S. and Sophia Maudsley). Her parents died and she was reared in the home of Orrin Snow. Schooling in Raymond and Salt Lake Business College. Filled a mission to Texas. Married 25 Sep. 1940 to Glenn Huber Jensen. Raised 4 children: Sharon, Rex, Beth and David. They now live in Logandale, Nevada.

Compiled and submitted by: Anne Snow Turner