Adolphus Rennie Whitehead was born January 14, 1868 at Washington, Washington County, Utah to Adolphus Rennie Whitehead Sr. and Mary Elizabeth Goddard.

After the cotton mill in Washington closed the Whitehead family moved to St. George, Utah. As a child, Father was a sickly child. He was educated in St. George schools.

When he was 20 years old he married Eva Annie Morris. She was born Dec. 2, 1866 in Salt Lake City, Utah to Richard A. Morris and Emma Packer. They were married January 14,1888 in the St. George Temple.

There were eleven children born to this couple. Father joined a surveying company and worked for them for several years. He moved Mother and her four children to Panaca, Nevada. I was born there in July 27, 1896.

Father moved his family back to St. George the same year and he was called on a mission in April 1897 leaving Mother with five small children. He went to the Southern States Mission. After his return home, a son, Richard Owen, was born. A little daughter, Rose, was the next child. She passed away when she was 13 months old. The next child was a son, Morris Wilby. He was just 3 weeks old when my parents moved to Lund, White Pine County, Nevada in October 1902. We had a two-story house with plenty of room to raise a large family. Our farm was real close.

The spring of water raised in the southeast corner of our lot. This spring furnished water for the town. We had our own stream of water that ran down past the house and into the fields.

In 1904 Father moved his family to Ely, Nevada to be manager of the Mercantile Store for Senator Cummings and others. There were not any L.D.S. families in Ely and after a year, Father moved his family back to Lund.

He was ordained as Bishop and served nearly 13 years. Mother was sustained as Relief Society President and she served nearly 15 years. They were good parents and lived good lives. They taught us children to live good lives and serve our Heavenly Father in any way we could.

Three more children were born to my parents, making eleven children. Gladys, the oldest child, married Van Ransler Savage. They had 12 children, 11 are still living. Gladys will be 90 years of age in October.

Emma married William E. Hutchings. They had 9 children, all living. Emma died at age 85. Reta married E. A. Hendrix. They have 5 children, all living. Rennie Adolphus married Veda Terry. They had 4 daughters, all are living. Eva married William Hendrix. They had 7 children, 6 living. Richard Owen married Pearl Olpin. I think they had 4 children. Pearl died and Owen married again.

Wilby Morris married Mary Elizabeth Ballak. They had 5 children, all living. Nevada married Stanley E. Best and they had 5 children, all are living. Owen Kent was married to Emma Grace Bailey. They had 3 children.

Mother was a real clean-minded person. She didn't like anyone to tell shady stories. My mother always spoke good of people. Even though she had women bring sorrow to her, she never held a grudge against anyone. When she told us we couldn't do something or go some place, we knew better than to go to Father and ask him. He would say, "What did Mother say? "When we were small Father loved to sing to us children.

Our parents played games with us. Such games in the evenings were Flinch, Authors,Old Maid, etc. He loved to play baseball and when there was a game of ball in Preston, Father would drop all work and take us older children with him in the white top buggy to watch the game. The town of Lund and Preston would play ball against each other. Father liked young people and often would join them in games.

Mother always wanted her children home when night came. Mother always made afreezer of ice cream on our birthday and special holidays. For Easter she always colored eggs, fixed a nice lunch and we would go up to the white ledges or down in the field where Father could join us in lunch. This would be Saturday before Easter.

My parents sold the home and farm to Ed, Will and Orvil Hendrix in the fall of 1922 and moved to Salt Lake. There he went into the chicken business. Later he had dairy cows. He moved back to St. George to be night watchman at the temple.

Mother died February 26, 1937 at St. George, Utah and was buried in Salt Lake. Later Father married Minerva Riddle. She died just 18 hours after Father died August 9, 1955 in Salt Lake City and was buried there beside Mother. Aunt Minerva was buried in Beaver beside her first husband.

This little incident about Father happened when he was a small child. He got angry at his mother and told her he was going to run away. He just went to the next door neighbors and asked if she would be his mother. He said his mother was mean to him. The neighbor said sure he could be her boy. In the late afternoon, she told Father to go over and ask Mrs. Whitehead if she could borrow her flat irons. He went over and knocked and when Grandma came to the door,he said, "Mrs. Whitehead, Mother wants to know if she can borrow your flat irons." Grandma started to cry and Father decided she really loved him, so he went back home to live.

Written and submitted by:

Eva Whitehead Hendrix