George William Fawcett, Jr. was born December 15, 1874 in St. George, Utah. He was the son of George Fawcett, Sr. and Louisa Elisa Eardley.

When George was at the age of ten the Fawcett Family moved to Price, Utah where George attended grade school. In 1894 George attended the St. George Academy for one year then worked as a cow hand on some of the ranches, driving cattle to the railroad.

He later purchased a small herd of cattle and ran them on the range called Black Rock. In the spring of 1895 he and his cousin, Bert Fawcett, took a bunch of wild horses to Arizona and while there they worked on different ranches.

About that time the Washington Field, just out of St. George, was opened for leasing, so George and his two friends, Angus Woodbury and Angus Cannon, leased some land and worked together until 1898.

In the fall of 1898 George and Heber C. Smith came to Lund, Nevada where George made arrangements to purchase some land for himself. Then he headed back to St. George, but got as far as Panaca when he decided to go to work at Delamar. He only worked there a short while then returned to St. George where he worked on ranches near St. George.

The next spring George sold his land in Price and bought some cattle. When Sam Judd left for White River (Lund) he took George's cattle with him; driving them across Bailey Spring, cross country to Cave Valley. He left George's cattle at Lanter's ranch then later that summer George took them to Parker Range and left them. George held the Parker Range from 1899 on.

That same Spring of 1899 Heber Smith and others went to Taylor, a deserted mining camp, and purchased a lumber house. It had to be torn down and hauled to Lund via Water Canyon. They built Heber's home the first year then Heber and George went to Treasure Hill, near Hamilton, where George purchased a house for himself. This house was built, but not completed before the date was set for him to be married.

Martha Ellen (Ella) Terry, daughter of William Alonsa Terry and Martha Ann Hunt, was born September 10, 1881 in St. George, Utah. She was the third child of a family of 12--six boys and six girls.

She received her schooling in the St. George schools. She also was always active in her Church, taking part in Sunday School, Mutual and Primary.

In 1899 she moved to Lund, Nevada with her parents and brothers and sisters. Their first home in Lund was a one room log cabin and a covered wagon box which served as a bedroom.

George Fawcett of Price, Utah had also arrived in Lund that spring. He and Ella Terry met and a romance began and one year later they returned to St. George in a covered wagon to be married in the Temple. Ella's sister, May, accompanied them on this journey and they were married in the St. George Temple February 27, 1900, the second couple from Lund to be married.

When they returned to Lund they moved into their home George had brought from Hamilton.

Even though life in this new settlement was difficult and money scarce, they were happy. They helped to build a community and were able to take the bad along with the good.

In 1909 George was called on a mission to the Northwestern States, George leased his farm to his Uncle, Otis Terry, and left his wife to care for their three small children.

Ella worked hard to help keep her husband on his mission. She washed and ironed for Bishop Snow's wife and others in the community. She milked cows and made butter to sell. She also made ice cream and sold it. Ella said, "I was greatly blessed and by doing these things I was able to help keep my husband in the mission field. go up to the white ledges or down in the field where Father could join us in lunch. This would be Saturday before Easter.

My parents sold the hom and farm to Ed, Will, and Orvil Hendrix in the fall of 1922 and moved to Salt Lake. There he went into the chicken business. Later he had dairy cows. Hemoved back to St. George to be night watchman at the temple.

Mother died February 26, 1937 at St. George, Utah and was buried in Salk Lake. Later Father married Minerva Riddle. She died just 18 hours after Father died August 9, 1955 in Salt Lake City and was buried there beside Mother. Aunt Minerva was buried in Beaver beside her first husband.

This little incident about Father happened when he was a small child. He got angry at his mother and told her he was going to run away. He just went to the next door neighbors and asked if she would be his mother. He said his mother was mean to him. The neighbor said sure he could be her boy. In the late afternoon, she told Father to go over and ask Mrs. Whitehead if she could borrow her flat irons. He went over and knocked and when Grandma came to the door,he said, “Mrs Whitehead, Mother wants to know if she can borrow your flat irons.” Grandma started to cry and Father decided she really loved him, so he went back home to live.

In 1922 George was ordained Bishop of the Lund Ward. During the five years he was Bishop many of the Church Authorities were entertained in their home. When David 0. McKay was an apostle he slept and ate in their home.

During the years George was Bishop, Ella supported her husband in every way, besides serving in the different church organizations. She taught Primary, Mutual and Sunday School, was also Secretary in the Relief Society from 1920 to September 1928, then she was sustained as President of the Lund Ward Relief Society. She held this position until March 20, 1952.

When George was released as Bishop of the Lund Ward he was setapart as a High Councilman in the newly organized Nevada Stake. He and Brother Nels Jensen of Preston were assigned to visit the outlying branches of the Stake: Wells, Metropolis, Baker and Garrison. They visited these little towns often and these branches were later organized into Wards.

George and Ella were not only interested in Church Work, but were always interested in Community and County civic projects.

In about 1912 or 1914 the White Pine County Farm Bureau was organized. George was then a member of the first County Board. They would go to Reno three times a year for their Farm Bureau Conventions. At that time the Berkley Land Bank from California was making loans all over the State. George was appointed an appraiser in the Eastern part of the State. He and his wife drove their little Ford car around the entire area to appraise these loans.

George was also interested in the Lund Irrigation Company and helped organize and make the by-laws for that organization which still functions today.

He also took a great interest in the Taylor Grazing Act and all school and community project she supported and contributed to.

On April 15, 1950, he and his wife celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary.

George and Ella (as she was called) lived # good life together, were faithful in all their callings and lived close to their Father in Heaven. They had six children all born in Lund. One child, a son, died at birth. George died 10 October 1959 and Ella died 29 November 1964. They are buried in the Lund Cemetery.

Luella, their oldest daughter, was born January 27, 1901 at Lund. She married La Verne Whipple, son of John L. Whipple and Rose Ellen Warren, September 1, 1921 at Ely, Nevada. Later on April 8, 1926 they were sealedin the Salt Lake Temple. They had seven children and raised five to maturity. Twin sons, Galen and Dalen, died in infancy. Evelyn, their oldest child, was born February 14, 1923. Kenneth Dean, born July 4, 1928, John LaVerne was born September 17, 1933, James Warren born September 28, 1934, Don Burnell born April 8, 1942. All are married and have children. Evelyn, James and Don and families live in Idaho. John LaVerne (J.L.) and Dean and families live in Lund, Nevada. Luella lives in Lund in the summer time and with her children in Idaho in the winter. Her husband, LaVerne, died February 15, 1971 in Boise, Idaho and is buried in the Lund Cemetery.

George Thorley was the oldest son of George and Ella. He was born 27 October 1903. He married Amanda Jones in the Salt Lake Temple September 6, 1942. They had two children, Allen and Murial. Thorley died in St. George, Utah. His wife and daughter live in St. George and his son, Allen, in Richfield, Utah. Both children are married and have families.

Irma was the third child of George and Ella. She was born 22 February 1906 and married Paul Ashby, son of Bryant Ashby and Lillian Wakeling 29 November 1933. They were parents of twins, Gordon and Georgia. Irma has taught school many years and at present she and Paul are living in Sutherlin, Oregon. Their children and families also live in the Northwest.

LaVon Christian was born at Lund 26 October 1915. He married Doris Cross and they were parents of two children, a son and daughter. After two years in the Marines they were divorced. Later he married Patricia Conway March 4, 1947. Two children, Judy and Bruce were born to this union. LaVon passed away May 16, 1976 at Chico, California. He is buried in the Lund Cemetery.

Vilate, George and Ella's youngest daughter, was born 17 February 1918. She married Elwin Holman 3 September 1939. They have lived in Elko, Nevada most of their married life. They had one baby who died. They have an adopted daughter who has brought much happiness into their lives.

Written and submitted by:

Luella Whipple