In October 1939, I went to the Southern States Mission. My father, who was Bishop, passed away in October 1941. Fred C. Horlacher Jr., Stake President, asked me to be Bishop but he would not sustain me until January 4, 1942. My counselors during these four and one half years were: Leonard E. Gardner, Doyle H. Wakeling, Grant B. Harris and Claudius A. Fawcett. Leland Hendrix was ward clerk during this time and also served as counselor for a time.

Coffee had been served at the Old Folk's Party. Helen Gardner, M.I.A. President, and I decided that coffee would not be served any more. We were met with some opposition, but J.D. Hill, who was not a member of the Church, after kidding some about it said, "You don't believe in it and I'm glad you didn't serve it."

The Stake Presidency said I should get married but being Bishop and running a farm didn't leave any time to look for a wife.

Joan Brandis and I were married in the Salt Lake Temple, May 16, 1945.

I was released from being a Bishop, June 30, 1946.

Written and submitted by:
Milton D. Gardner