Philip James Carter was born 24 October 1925 at Preston, White Pine County, Nevada. Hisfather is Arthur Nelson Carter, and his mother was Winnie Constance Frandsen. His mother diedwhen he was 8 years of age.

He attended grade school and high school in Lund, Nevada and then attended the AgriculturalCollege at Logan, Utah for 2 quarters.

He spent one year in the United States Navy during 1945 and 1946.

He married Ludean Hendrix September 19, 1947 in the Salt Lake Temple. Three children wereborn to them. Their first baby was born September 6, 1951 and died the same day. Steven J. Carterwas born October 17, 1952 and Jeanne Carter was born July 26, 1954.

Phillip James Carter has always had good health and has lead an active life in both the Churchand the Community.

He is a High Priest in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, serving as Bishop of theLund Ward for eight years. Two significant things were accomplished while he was in the Bishopricof the Lund Ward. One being the establishment of the Seminary Program. Secondly, ProjectTemple which resulted in Temple Marriages at the St. George Temple for quite a number of the oldercouples of the ward. The day they went to the Temple with these couples there were 100 of the Wardmembers in attendance.

He is in the farming and cattle raising business in Lund, and also sells farm machinery.

Written and submitted by:
Philip J. Carter