Anthony H. Ivins served as Bishop of the Lund Ward of Ely, Nevada Stake from July 1960 toSept. 1961. He was ordained a Bishop and High Priest by Elder Alma Sonne, Sept. 18, 1960,having served since July without being ordained and set apart as Bishop of the Lund Ward.

One of the first impossible tasks was to make the decision and fulfill the plan to repaint thebuilding inside and out and to refinish the cultural hall floor. This was a big job and was neededbadly since it had never been done since the building was built. The decision was made in earlyJuly and the completion date was selected to be done by the 24th of July. 1 remember it took alot of planning and coordinating to get the job done. It was a happy day when the 24th of Julycelebration was held in the brightly refurbished building. To many it seemed impossible, but toothers of us it seemed a possibility and it turned out to be so.

I remember that I served as chairman of the 24th of July General Committee as Bishop. This included chairmanship of the Rodeo and related activities. I believe this was about the last time the Rodeo Committee was headed by the Bishopric in 1960 and 1961. The income from the Rodeo was used to supplement our ward budget.

I am reminded that near the time 1 was released as Bishop, I signed a Ward report that indicated the membership as being 299. I thought at the time how fortunate we were to have the personnel and the ability to man a complete ward with willing hands of such a small ward. Therewere those like Lundean Hendrix Carter and others who so ably served in up to five callings atone time.

I feel that the greatest satisfaction of accomplishment while serving as Bishop was that of investigating and getting started an early morning Seminary Class in the Ward. This activity and involvement probably accounted more heavily for me leaving the Ward and community. It was because of personal acquaintance with the Seminary brethren and the program in Provo that eventually led me to the decision to leave the farm in Lund and continue my education and eventually enter the Seminary program". I was successful in this respect in 1963 when I was hired to participate in the Indian Seminary program.

One of my great concerns as Bishop was how to interest and involve men like Albert Gubler and others in the church programs. It is interesting to observe history with an over the shoulder glance and see that all things are possible as I thrill and am deeply grateful to see Bishop Gubler sitting in the same chair behind the same Bishop's desk that I once sat behind.

I am ever so grateful to and for the faithful saints who sustained and supported me as their Bishop. I realize it was a real adjustment for many as they had been so ably led by Bishop Ervin L. Hendrix for approximately 13 years and then to have a young inexperienced Bishop like myself be set before the congregation and told to go to it. It was a very worthwhile experience that provided the ground work of experience which eventually led to my being called to serve as 1st Counselor in the Bishopric of the Tacoma 9th Ward; as Bishop of Pesega 3rd Ward in Apia, Western Samoa Stake; as Branch President of the Vernon Branch of the British Columbia Mission; and eventually as 1st Counselor in the Vernon B.C. District and Vernon B.C. Stake Presidencies.

Written and submitted by:
Anthony H. Ivins